Hi, I’m Alice.  
I am here to help you understand that with certainty that is the electromagnetic signal that makes it possible for us to manifest whatever we want in any areas of our life. 

I am here to help you clear whatever blocks are in your way, and access that for unlimited abundance.

Alice Crawley, Empowered and Aligned Transformation Leader, Speaker and Coach


Hi, I’m Alice. Named after Alice in Wonderland. Curious, passionate and with a spark of the madness. Divine madness.

Those are qualities that prove most helpful on a journey to self-transformation and financial freedom.

 Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You’re feeling stuck in a draining job or cycle of debt
  • You’re ready to level up your life, self-worth and net-worth
  • You’re ready to play a bigger game
  • You know it’s time to live the life you are deeply capable of living.

You can change your life. In any dimension. In a matter of minutes.

If you’re ready to align to abundance in any part of your life, I’d love to work with you. You can do, be and have anything you want.

Yes, it can be that simple. Not only that, it can be fun, fast and fabulous.

I will work with you to change your mindset, empower you and transform your life. To be aligned, financially free and living the life you really want.

Who is Alice Crawley?


Let me tell you about my story and why I’m qualified to help you with yours.

In 2004, I was over $185,000 in credit card debt, with serious self-esteem and addiction issues.

 $185,000. I know, right?

 Today, I am a financially free executive coach, leader and keynote speaker with an online business and clients spanning the globe. I work with executive leaders, adults and teenagers. I’m a certified Hypnotherapist, Master Coach and Trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I’ve been featured on the Today Show, Women’s Agenda, Mamamia, and the David Koch Money Makeover. I’m a senior leader in strategy and transformation in the banking sector, in future skills and cultural transformation. And I’m launching my first book later this year.

Things snapped into place as soon as I decided to align to who I really was and what I really wanted. I accepted that I had to stop hiding from my problems and transform my life.

You can too. It’s never too late.

“My work with Alice was truly transformative. The experience was gentle, yet expansive and illuminating. My treatment gave me a fresh perspective on my emotions and allowed me to release fear in a way I could never have anticipated. I gained so much clarity in my first session that I absolutely can’t recommend this deeply powerful work enough!”

Jess Bancroft

Director, Hilariously Healthy

You don’t need to slip as far down the rabbit hole as I did to change your life.

Turning my ship around was about the money but it wasn’t really about the money. It was about the freedom. Having more than enough money is about being free for me. I had to get free to be the me I wanted to be.

Once I could see I was in prison, I knew I was the one who had the keys to get me out.

Things got a lot worse before they got better. 

With 11 creditors from around the globe chasing me, and in just over $185,000 of credit card debt, I was emotionally and spiritually exhausted. Everyone told me to file for bankruptcy.

Then I decided to flip the script.

I had to become financially free. It was non-negotiable. The financial ‘trap’ I’d created was robbing me of everything – emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I made a clear and conscious decision that I would be financially free within five years or less.

The moment I made that commitment with absolute certainty, I travelled through a portal of infinite possibilities and my life would never be the same again.

I doubled my income in 2 months and tripled it in a year. I paid off my entire debt in 4 and half years.

Now, I run my own business. I’m an author. I’m a speaker. I’m a leader in financial services and an executive and personal transformation coach. I’m a hypnotherapist. I’m a philanthropist.

I’m doing all the things I never imagined I would do. I am in love with life, my life and I am the person I always wanted to be.

I empower my clients to become personally and financially free.

I work with leaders one-on-one to empower themselves and others to realise benefits and success.

And I conduct group sessions to support leaders to align their vision and strategy to deliver outcomes, and shift the dial on workplace culture change.   

I’ll spark your self-transformation and financial freedom.  

I can guide you on an accelerated track to abundance and self-transformation, with the support of the powers of your deepest self. To manifest money, a life that you are truly in love with and a future that excites you.

Alice is one of those people you meet and feel better for just having been in their company. She is highly intuitive, empathetic, creative, genuine and has razor sharp wit; all of which makes her a unique, effective and inspiring coach.

Working with Alice has given me the clarity and confidence in making a career change that I’d agonised over for years. My professional relationships have significantly improved and my life has profoundly changed. Previously fear and doubt were a feature in my life; now, I can happily say that I’m very excited about where I am and my future. Simply put, coaching with Alice has changed my life and I’m eternally grateful to her.”

Tarnia Kidd

Are you ready to transform your self-worth, become financially free and live the life you most desire?

 Get in touch with Alice and start your self-transformation today