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With more than 25 years’ experience leading, coaching and training global teams through complex and large-scale transformations, I’m known for my ability to bring people together to achieve exceptional results through values alignment, mindset and behavioural change.

My work with corporate leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs helps them lead with impact by unlocking the scientifically validated power of our heart-mind connection.

I work with individuals on a very personal level, mentoring them through the minefield of 21st century living so they can find more balance, alignment and harmony in their lives.  Drawing on 30 years of healing, transmeditation and therapeutic training, I help people to maintain an empowered mindset to overcome challenges and addictions, release resistance and align to unlimited potential, possibilities and prosperity. 

The truth is, our true self is limitless – something we discover when we transcend limiting beliefs and narratives, self-doubt and other patterns that can prevent us from accessing who we fully are at a universal level, the fullest expression of our being for a life full of options, opportunities and freedom.  

I help my clients connect with our core source of energy – that quantum force which created the extraordinary expanse of our known and unknown universe, which is only contained by our conscious collective of skills, tools and technology in the 21st century, we are but a blip in the infinite universe, but that a conversation for another time.

When we practice tapping into that infinite source of focus and flow, we can change ourselves and our reality with clarity, confidence, and conviction.

Whether you are a professional, a corporate leader or a teenage student looking for reprieve from the anxieties of our rapidly changing and increasingly digital and complex world, I can help you to open your mind and heart to connect with the fullest expression of who you are – a limitless being, who is personally and financially healthy, happy and free.

Some questions to consider:

  • Do you want to unlock your true worth and experience greater personal and financial freedom?
  • Would you like to surf the waves of change and uncertainty and move with focus, flow and freedom?
  • Are you ready to feel empowered to change your reality and stretch the boundaries of what’s possible in your life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I would love to share some gold from my transformation toolkit, which has helped to change the lives of thousands of professionals, students and clients whom I’ve worked with around the globe.

Medical science has astonishing evidence of what we can do with the power of our minds and hearts through heart-mind connection and coherence, once we know how to focus and activate the power of that connection. I call it The Power of Quantum ConnectionTM.

Whatever your intention for being here, your personal adventure is unique, and that means your journey through the Wonderland of my website needs to be too.

You can navigate my site by using the headings below. And if you can’t find the right heading, let’s chat on – I’ve never been one to fit in the box either!

I want to live and lead with greater clarity and confidence through stronger connection with self and others.

If you are looking to become more adaptable, engaged and empowered in the face of our modern-day challenges and complexity, I encourage you to take a look at my leadership coaching.  I will help you connect at depth and with heart in a way that activates powerful and lasting change in our fast-paced world.

I want to by-pass the barriers which prevent me from being the best I can be and expand what is possible for me when I look through a new lens.

Twenty-first century living is tough – from financial addiction to social media obsession, it’s easy to lose your way. If you know that there are barriers holding you back from being exactly who you want to be and leading yourself and others in a way that is the best possible, I can mentor you in how to experience powerful transformative change. From preventing patterns of sabotage to letting go of limiting beliefs, or expanding on what is possible for you personally and professionally, I can create an unlimited life through a quantum mindset and with heart-mind coherence to create as much personal and financial freedom as you’re ready to allow in.


I want to find out more about The Power of Quantum Connectionä and what it can do for me.

If you’re a person who loves to learn and understand a topic before you can see how it can help you, then you’re in good company. Check out my blog Through the Looking Glass podcast, where I talk about The Power of Quantum Connectionä – the art and science of applying quantum focus and heart-mind connection to access your unlimited potential, possibilities and prosperity. I share insights and have conversations with various thought leaders and experts from around the world to explore why heart and mind connection and coherence is a cutting-edge topic of interest for many neuroscientists and medical professionals alike.

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