Ready to make a quantum leap towards greater freedom, flow and fulfilment in your life and work?

Imagine if you could connect with a client, manager, employee, partner, or child, at such depth that you able to inspire real and lasting transformational change. The kind of change that breaks down mental and emotional blocks and limiting beliefs, provides clarity and alignment and changes perspectives.

I’m Alice, a transformation leader, speaker and executive coach, who helps leaders, consultants and coaches lead with heart, empower lasting behavioural change and accelerate their people’s ability to adapt at pace through quantum connection. And I’d love to do the same for you.

Being a leader, of ourselves or others is one of the greatest adventures you can go on in the corporate world, don’t you think? While many of us walk the path of leadership, we’re not all heading in the same direction and can experience different challenges along the way. 

Your path is unique, and that means, your journey through this website needs to be too. To help you find where you need to be, use the headings below.

Can’t find the heading for you? Let’s chat anyway on – I’ve never been one to fit in the box either!

I want to lead with greater compassion, connection and clarity.

If your goal is to create a more adaptable, engaged and resilient team in the face of change than the training, feedback and learnings you receive in leadership coaching will be of great benefit. Here we’ll help you connect in a way that achieves the real and lasting change you need to move your team and organisation forward.

If you know that there are mental, emotional and communication barriers holding you back from becoming the leader you want to be or achieving the level of fun, flow, freedom and fulfilment in your life, then individual coaching is for you. You’ll experience real, transformative change that can help you break habits and overcome limiting beliefs and inaction to be the best you that you can be and living a life that you love.

I want to find out more about quantum connection and the science behind it.

If you’re a person who loves to learn and needs to understand a topic before you can see how it will be beneficial, then you’re in good company! You’ll also appreciate the blog and my Through the Looking Glass podcast, which talks about quantum connection in more detail and explores why it is becoming a key topic of interest for neuroscientists and medical professionals alike.

I need a speaker for my next event.

Then you’ll want to check out the speaking page where you’ll find more about me and everything you’ll need to make marketing your event easy. You might also want to check out the about page, which will give you a little more background and some interesting facts that can make for an intriguing introduction!

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