It may sound a little dramatic to say the journaling helped save my life but the power of journaling helped me heal, release and process emotions in a healthy way when I was down a deep, dark, rabbit hole of drug and money addictions 18 years ago and I hit my rock bottom in rehab.

How did The Power of Journaling save and change my life?

Listen into my Podcast here about how daily journaling helped me through recovery to becoming a more aligned, in flow and happier human …

Show Notes

It helped me to:

  1. express and release emotions in a healthy way every day
  2. Cultivate greater gratitude and appreciation which helps us to feel more connected, balanced and draw more of what you desire into your experience
  3. Make conscious what was unconscious … and this was a game changer.

Our conscious mind may set our intention, but it’s our unconscious mind that drives our behaviour and decisions enable or prevent us from realizing and aligning to those intentions.

It’s often the unconscious limiting beliefs, fears, scripts, self-talk, which prevent us from having or easily lining up with the reality we most desire.

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Podcast Transcript

Hello, and welcome to another episode of Through the Looking Glass with me, Alice, your host, and I am delighted and honored that you have decided to drop into Alice’s airwaves, where we have cosmic conversations. And we talk about some really cool as sh*t. To be honest, I, work in the field, I study in the field and have been speaking and coaching and finishing a book, which is coming out next year.

My deep focus has been around what I call Quantum Transformation, Quantum tools, techniques, and mindset shifts to help in my case save and it can also change your life, transform your life. And we play with really cool things like exploring parallel versions of ourselves and not the woo stuff, but the really cool stuff, the cutting edge stuff that is being validated by medical scientists and neuroscientists and the top university.

The people I follow like Brian Cox, a Rockstar astrophysicist, in case you don’t know him, he was literally a rockstar. He played the keyboard for this UK band D:Ream in the UK, and they had this cracking hit songs ‘Things can only get better’.

That was around I think, 93, that got big and the point being, he was casually, you know, studying his PhD in physics on the side while he was a keyboardist. He’s now quite renowned astrophysicist who travels the world. My mission is to interview him live. That’s a little bit of context, he’s a master in all things cosmos and universe related.

That’s probably really broad, and any astrophysicist would probably get a little bit twitchy about me being general about that introduction. The point is we talk about people like him, the field of astrophysics, quantum mechanics, quantum physics, but in a really practical way around how some of these phenomenal tools, which are now being measured by medical science can help you expand your heart and your mind for a greater experience of life, to have a life of your choosing, to feel free in all dimensions of your life.

I approach it from having had a pretty challenged background and the tools and the techniques and the things I want to share with you. I share it in the spirit of, providing something that may provide you a little bit of reprieve, a break might be helpful for you in times when you need to channel or release emotions or move through a challenging time.

Today what I wanted to chat about what may seem very simple, but it’s been very transformative and it helped me a lot in early recovery. I’m going to come back to that point in a moment. When I went into rehab and very early in the pace, and for those of you who don’t know, if you’ve experienced a drug and alcohol addiction, or any addiction for that matter, it was just as bad for me when I got injured and I had to stop running, but that’s a conversation for another day.

When you first go into recovery you have this onslaught of emotions that you haven’t dealt with for a lifetime. You need to find healthy and functional ways to channel and express the emotions. I know even this time of year at the moment, the back end of 2010, you know 2021, the second year of this life event that we’ve all experienced as a collective COVID.

There are times when the emotions get really intense. And one of the practices that have helped me a lot in terms of focus, flow,  balancing my moons and even getting clear on what’s important to me. And I wanted to make conscious things that may be weren’t conscious and processing and integrating dreams.

I mean, just in terms of the tool of self-reflection integration growth and often breakthrough. We’re getting used to the breakdowns and then through to the breakthrough, which has been the case many times in my life, then practicing journaling. Well, it might be a good practice and I thought I would plant the seed with you before the break, because I think.

You know, some people they’re like, ‘oh my God, how do you find time to do that?’ I’m like, honestly, sometimes it’s only five or 10 minutes. It’s while I’m drinking my coffee and it doesn’t need to be anything it’s stream of consciousness, it’s just emptying out. It’s unfolding even when you think you don’t have anything to say, you can write out a gratitude list, you can list out all the things, your gratitude, your, your story that you’re grateful for and that you appreciate.

And so. You know, the three things that I have really gotten out of journaling every day. And as I said, and it doesn’t need to be at a set time. The time that works for me is when I get up in the morning. It can be any time for you. And I actually got it and I’ll share it. With this podcast, someone in recovery, when I was in rehab pointed me to the Artist’s way by Julia Cameron.

So that was where I got the idea. And Julia Cameron is a writer and she does artists workshops for writers as well and helping them clear writers, unblock. She’s written a number of books, she talks about the power of the daily pages of the morning pages. And so it’s a practice I’d picked up about 18 years ago, which I’ve stayed with pretty steadily and out of that, as I say, it’s given me an opportunity and I would encourage you to consider or look at, or practice or play with how helpful it can be to have a notebook or journal.

Unload unfold, just write notes, or if you prefer to get visual diaries and do a bunch of colored markers, and even just drawing and doodling, like that’s another one. I mean, that’s a whole other conversation as well, but that creative play on paper is, a very powerful tool. And as I say, it can, it can surface things, that may be need to be, you know, need to be bubbled up and cleared in a very gentle loving way. As I say, the three things I’ve gotten out of that, that daily journaling is being able to clear and channel sometimes unwanted and difficult emotions.

Secondly, it’s helped me to really deepen and cultivate that gratitude and appreciation, which has been medically, they are looking at the power of the heart led meditations, which of course the Taoists and the Buddhists have known for thousands of years. The, the techniques I see modern mystics and, you know, people like Dr. Joe Dispenza use today. It’s incredible. He’s taken it to a whole new level in terms of how it’s measured and applied are very similar to ancient Taoists practices in dissolving into the darkness and silence of space. That’s a little teaser for my trance and hypnosis sessions, but we’d love you to come and check out some of those. I’m going to be doing lots of hypnosis and deep trans because it’s healing at an unconscious and conscious level. Secondly, let’s coming back to our points here, right?

Channeling and releasing emotions. Secondly, Oh man. Now I feel like Kevin Kline from fish called Wanda. What was the middle thing? Um, secondly, cultivating and deepening gratitude and appreciation. Truly one of my favorite films of all time, by the way. All in Monty Python. We’ll come back to that. And a fish called Wanda.

I’ve met Joan Clay twice now. He’s one of our calm medic heroes.  I’m going to just go off off-road now while we’re here, he is with Brian Cox featured in the Monty Python show in the arena in London. Like I almost lost my mind because Monty Python are like my comedic heroes since I was about five years old. And you might say that’s too young, but I truly was laughing at. Monty Python and the Holy Grail when I was very young. The Brian Cox and Stephen Hawkins featured video in the arena with Monty Python. So anyway, that was just like a bringing together of some of the great minds that have influenced me.

We’ve talked about that first and second one. I did cover the second one yet. The gratitude, appreciation, deepening, and expanding that which really helps you to draw more of what you want into your experience. So that’s incredibly powerful. And then the third one, which as I say is we need to do a deep dive on this, which.

Making what is unconscious conscious because it is often the unconscious mind that trips us up. We consciously may set the intention and set our plans and set it to feel a certain way. And, go ahead and life, the way that we want to go ahead and life. And of course we all have unexpected, lots of unexpected interruptions in life. Life is what happens when we’re making other plans.

As John Lennon famously said, although he may have inherited that from someone I need to look at the background. I thought it was John Lennon. The three things that I have really gotten out of this practice and process of journaling on a daily basis. And I would invite you to have a play or a practice with it as well to see if it helps you in the same way is helped channel, release and let go of unwanted emotions, fears, limitations, beliefs, judgments that I’ve needed to clear my channel. Secondly, it’s helped me to deepen and focus on those feelings of gratitude and appreciation to bring even more of what I want and desire into my experience. And thirdly, it’s helped me to make conscious what was unconscious so that I can align.

And more quickly draw what I want into my experience. And again, that is a theme that we can go deep on another time.

Thank you so much though, for tuning in today, it’s been really wonderful to have you here with this podcast. I will share a link to my free journal. So you can have a play with that, or you might have your own journal or notebook.

I invite you to practice and play with journaling and see how it can change your life as well, and how it can help you as a tool to play and release and let go and transition as we will be transitioning at the end of this year into a New Year 2022.

Stay well and enjoy the journey.