All About alice

My name is Alice Crawley and I am, among other things, a manifestation and transformation coach.


This became my passion and life work back in 2004, when I had lost my way in about every way imaginable. I was looking down the barrel of exorbitant debt across two continents, feeling trapped in a draining and underpaid job and nursing a raging hangover.

Then I flipped the script.

Within five years, I had turned my money ship around and became personally and financially free.

I paid off every cent of the $185,000 I owed and took control of my life and my finances.  

Now, I share my trance-formative approach on how to align for abundance beyond what you can even imagine. It’s just too damn good not to share. And fun. And easy.

How I fell into overspending, under-earning and debt.

Let’s wind back the clock to my early 20s. I was a bright young thing with great training and education, a job and career prospects. I was ambitious, travelling the world and giving very little thought to the future.

I had this unwavering confidence that I would “pay it back later”, or that someone or something would come in to save the day. The million-dollar idea will come. The million-dollar man will come. I’ll get discovered. You know, general delusions of that nature.

My spending sprees spiralled out of control as I got into one messy money tangle after another. I was drowning in debt, spending way more than I earned and feeling racked with guilt. My debt deepened and my addictions worsened, which eroded my self-esteem further and pushed me to spend even more to escape those feelings. 

On the outside, I was carefree and happy but, on the inside, I felt depleted, disempowered and had rock-bottom self-esteem.

I was trapped in this vicious cycle of overspending and bill avoidance. Incredibly, I lived like this until my mid-30s. My scarcity mindset was deeply entrenched and I was completely overwhelmed by my debts.

I was so at odds with myself. I was unaligned. And this blocked me from creating the happiness, freedom and success I deeply desired.

Finally, with creditors chasing me from Canada to Australia, I broke down and told a friend the truth.

I owed $185,000 in credit card debt. $185,000!

Saying it out loud and seeing her expression of shock, confusion and alarm was my catalyst.

I transformed my mindset and took control of my life.  

I started by educating myself on the best self-empowerment financial transformation tools and techniques I could access. I had to get emotionally and financially well. Quickly.

I studied quantum mechanics, trained as hypnotherapist and learned both ancient healing practices and the most leading-edge techniques and technology available for personal transformation.

I became a Master Coach and trainer in many of these techniques. I found that they could affect change in me and others within minutes. I started seeing transformative results in my private and corporate clients, colleagues, friends and family. Most remarkably, this was working for me too.

I moved through a portal of infinite possibilities and expanded my world beyond anything I’d previously known.

 What I learned and experienced through this journey allowed me to clear the limiting beliefs and fears that I had learned from an early age. I was finally free from a lifetime of addiction and money problems.

I was catapulted from financial despair to financial freedom.

Do you want to feel happy, inspired and empowered every day?

Of course you do.

Guiding awesome people to tap into an endless source of abundance in all dimensions of their lives is what gets me out of bed every morning. I. Love. It.

My wild and wonderful journey down the rabbit hole is one thing. But hearing my story is not going to change yours. Instead, I want to share with you the tools and techniques that transformed every dimension of my life. So you can do the same.  

I work with clients just like you to provide a step-by-step roadmap to alignment, self-empowerment and transformation.

Do you want a step-by-step roadmap to empowerment and financially freedom in your life?

Let’s do it! Get in touch with me today