Three Rs to let go and live in flow

Three Rs to let go and live in flow

As we approach the end of the year here in Australia, we’re facing into the notorious ‘silly season’ where the pace picks up, family and social demands are high and people are getting ready to wind down and wind up another year before the summer holiday. While I love connecting with friends and family, enjoying sublime ocean swims along with the quintessential Chrissie Aussie retro barbie complete with 1970’s prawn cocktail salad (shout out to Marty’s Mom), it’s a hectic and emotionally heightened time of year. We rush to wrap things up at work or with business and everyone wants to squeeze in a visit, a lunch, a meeting before the clock ticks over before we embark on a new calendar year full of promise, potential and possibilities. One of the best life tools I picked up when I had to put the overspending, drugs and other addictions, on the road to recovery, was the power of surrender.

Surrender, in times stress and chaos, is not a popular option in these accelerated digitally distracted times. A practice of surrendering to whatever is unfolding, versus controlling or resisting the pace of life, is not easy. It’s simple, but not easy. It’s a practice. When I get stressed, I often want to feel more in control of things instead of letting go more. The startling reality, although ultimately liberating, is that very little is within our control. What we can control and focus on is our life force. We can choose what we focus on and where we direct our energy and time.

Being selective, discerning and disciplined about how and what we focus on moment to moment is one of the keys to living a life in flow and unlocking our potential to expand into a limitless life. We are all connected by life force, universal energy, cosmic consciousness, quantum energy and matter, or any other name or reference which humans have named the energy which has created our universe. We are spinning around on this big strange rock in a cosmos so expansive that even our highly evolved technology and tools can measure the scope of an estimated 15 billion galaxies. That’s a lot of galaxies. I’m on board with tapping into any energy source which created our world of worlds. 

Given the incomprehensible vastness of our universe, let’s anchor back to some ancient home truths, which have helped humans glide through this experience of life. Letting go of egoic control and flowing with source energy is foundational to many ancient and spiritual practices. I was delighted to learn that many Australians identify as Jedi Knight; may the force be with you. George Lucas was a visionary. The Force, Cosmos, The Tao, The Way, Spirit, Ki or Chi, call it whatever you want, the same principles apply; everything and everyone in our known universe is interconnected and governed by the same quantum laws and matter. We are all made up of the same sub atomical particles in our known universe. That’s a trip. My Aikido sensei said once, “The moment that you push against the universe, you have already lost.” He was down with the force. It took me decades to master a discipline of tapping into universal energy. It’s still a daily practice, everyone morning, no matter what, one of my non negotiables is quieting my mind and cultivating heart and coherence, to really feel and connect at depth to the Power of Quantum Connection ™ to recreate myself, my life and my experiences again and again through our collective core of ancient wisdom which lies deep within all of us. 

When I hit an emotional, spiritual and financial rock bottom, I went back to my ancient Eastern practices in desperation. 

When I hit the wall, I had forgotten who I really was. I had to dig deep and draw on the inspiration of my Eastern masters and the modern mystics who are studying the power of these ancient techniques through neuro and medical scientists. 

These practices integrate the oldest and leading-edge mediations and visualisations used by the top athletes, earners and executives. These relaxing, empowering and powerful practices allow you to cultivate heart mind coherence for greater brain coherence for you to access that transformation state of flow in life where what you want to feel and experience in life seems to come more easily and effortlessly. 

Doing these Quantum meditations at least once a day can help you transcend the noisy, loud and disruptive antics of the mind and release unhealthy emotional and mental patterns to find your flow and you walk the divine line between loving intention and surrender. These are my 3 R’s to let go and find more flow through times of change, confusion or uncertainty.

1. Relax:

Relax about where you’re at, no matter what. Easier said than done, I know, it’s simply a practice. Relax, honour and accept where you are at, even if you’re not loving life. Practices are never perfect and never done. We simply come back to them each day to reset again and again and again. I anchor to this first step as frequently as possible to remind myself that no matter what is happening or what I want to change, improve, release, transform or, I am more and flow and freer when I relax about wherever I am at on my journey, right here and right now. Forgive yourself. Whatever you’ve done or not done, you have done the best you can with what you knew and the resources you had at the time. When I feel down that deep, deep rabbit hole I would relentlessly beat myself up for how f***ed felt. I had to change that, quickly, to shift the trajectory of my life path. Even at the lowest of ebbs, we are all worthy of love, compassion and forgiveness. The more I accept where I’m at, the more empowered I feel to take that next step towards where I want my evolution to take me. We always have a choice about what to focus. Here’s something to focus on – relax, you’re doing great! 

2. Release:

Find healthy ways to express and channel emotions, instead of suppressing or repressing them, which can be toxic and harmful. I met an Oncologist about six years ago who ran a cancer reversal clinic in Thailand who estimated that 95% of chronic illness was related to stress and suppressed toxic emotions. Don’t let it bottle up. There are lots of ways to release unwelcome or difficult emotions; walking, journaling, dancing, crying, singing, speaking to a professional, chatting with a trusted friend, painting or pottery, creative pursuits are great to get into the flow as they bypass our critical faculty. Find ways to express emotions in a safe, healthy and functional way. This can be done daily, ideally, in the morning, in the evening or whenever you can carve out time to reset your mind, body and spirit. 

3. Reset: 

What Toaist and Buddhist monks have known for millennia is now being measured by neuro and medical science. There are simple meditation and visualisation tools available to help us reset every day, emotionally, mentally and physically. When you do this daily, your life, perspective and relationships will transform. Resetting every morning with these blended techniques helps to clear the backlog of detrimental or unhelpful beliefs, behaviours, emotions, patterns and thought patterns so that you can start each day with a clean slate. Studies from Stanford have done neuroimaging on the cognitive overload impact of sitting at a computer all day or juggling too many tasks, multi-tasking impairs our cognitive functioning. Full stop. Our brain chemistry changes when we have as little as a five-minute reset with our eyes closed focused on our inner state of peace, being and flow.

The shocking cost of addictions

The shocking cost of addictions

The cost of addictions across Australians is distressingly high. A new report on addictions released by firm KPMG indicates that addictions cost the Australian economy $80.3 billion in 2021.  This report also calls out that 1 in 4 Australians will struggle with at least one if not multiple addictions in their lifetime. We are suffering at scale and many, In silence.

I’ve been on both sides of the equation; grabbling with multiple addictions personally, and working with others to find their recovery, stability and freedom. Addictions are still largely misunderstood. Addictions are not the result of a moral failing. It’s not just escapism. Nor is it lack of willpower. Leading medical research Is delving into how an addicted versus a non-addicted brain function and there are distinct differences even when at rest. We need to open up the conversation about addictions to collectively overcome the stigma which exists. Like any mental health condition, we must treat It with respect, care and compassion. 

I went to rehab, twice before I got clean. I was a high functioning addict and the denial runs deep in us. I kept tap dancing and I was a high performer, so I was able to present well in all arenas for decades, but what no one knew while I was in the throes of addiction, 

was that I felt like a fraud and my addictive behaviours fulled credit card cash advances to support a $5000 a month habit which had a devastating financial and emotional impact on me and my relationships. I knew I needed help but I didn’t know where to start. On the way to Wonderland; Alice’s journey from financially fucked to freedom shares some of my rock ‘n roll backstory, OK, it’s not Keith Richard level, but there are some still some zingers, about how I found myself at an emotional, spiritual and financial rock bottom down under before finding my path to personal and financial freedom. If you’d like to hear more of my story  please go to

If you are suffering with addiction or you know someone who is, you don’t have to do it alone. There is help. You can flip the script and shift the trajectory of your life, relationships, wellbeing and financial health with these simple steps: 

Step 1: Be honest with yourself. This can be the most challenging one as addiction goes hand in hand with denial. Reading, hearing and identifying with other people’s stories on addiction can help you get clear on whether you are dealing with one or multiple addictions. As deeply confronting as it is, stepping out of the dark and into the light is your key to freedom. As Ram Dass once said, ‘to get out of prison, you need to know you’re in prison’, you are the only one who can acknowledge and own whether you need to break free.  

Step 2: Be honest with someone you trust about your situation. At my lowest ebb, I was cut off by my drug dealer, which, arguably, takes commitment, but not in the best direction. The flags were getting redder. I was terrified of telling someone, even my partner, about how my addiction and spending was spiralling out of control, but I had to get honest with someone or,  as one rehab specialist once said to me, ‘you’re dead in the water‘ if you don’t . Find one person who you can be completely transparent with; someone who can hold a high trust space for you free of judgement to share what’s happening and how you need help.  

Step 3: Explore the avenues of recovery, support and treatment available. Millions of us have found a path to personal and financial freedom no matter how far the rabbit hole we’ve fallen. Take that next right step, right here and right now. I still do recovery a day at a time and sometimes a minute or a second at a time. Decades of addiction won’t be resolved overnight. Simply take that next step to seek the support and treatment that you or your loved one needs. 

Above all else, remember that you are not alone and you are loved, no matter what. Facing addictions can be painful at times, but you can break the behaviours and turn your life and your finances around with that first phone call. That’s how I started. I rang a friend and asked for help. You are more than your addictions, debt or difficulties, you are an infinite being, capable of claiming a life of peace, flow and freedom.  Please remember that you hold within you universal life force, unlimited energy and power to be, do and have whatever you want and you are worthy of living free.  


Bringing life into focus with ADHD

Bringing life into focus with ADHD

About 5 years ago I was diagnosed with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) – I was 45 at the time. I had starting see new psychiatrist, you know how it is, and after a few sessions, he leaned in and asked, “Have you ever been tested for ADHD?” No mental health professional had ever asked me that and I’ve seen quite a few. I took the test out of curiosity more than anything, and it turned out that I tested quite high on the ADHD spectrum. “What does that mean?”. I asked apprehensively. “Well,” he said, “one way to look at it is that an ADHD is a fast brain; you can process a lot of complex information from multiple sources at pace.” Well, that’s a good party trick, I thought.

He went on to explain, “The flipside is that not everyone processes like you do and you may lose people when you’re talking because you jump around and speak to quickly – it can be very confusing for people listening to you if you’re not clear when you communicate.” I leaned in to clarify, “Are you saying that I sound speedy, manic and a bit hard to follow?” He explained that he wouldn’t have chosen those words exactly but, in a nutshell, yes. That is if and only when I’m not communicating with focus, presence and intent, which are three key anchors for me now that I know what to do to stay connected in conversation with ADHD.  

Being diagnosed with ADHD has been helpful in many ways but I don’t get hung up on the label. “It doesn’t matter what you call, it, Alice,” one of my favourite therapists once said, “it’s about learning to regulate, live with and love Alice in all dimensions at the end of the day.” Which was a lovely way of putting it.

I felt more empowered when I educated myself on the symptoms, triggers and strategies for living with and optimising an ADHD brain. It was also fascinating to learn that it is statistically highly likely that my undiagnosed ADHD exasperated and/or was intrinsically linked to my history with eating disorders, exercise and food and drug addictions. I was self-medicating to manage the anxiety and energy levels that I found difficult to manage or channel.

Now that I know my options, I can tap into my support network, treatments, tools and techniques which allow me to live a healthy, happy and balanced life with ADHD and the party pack of other addictions I’ve learned about on the road in recovery.

Here are my 5 top tips to help if you’ve been diagnosed with ADHD

  1. Know your options:

First, remember that you’re not alone. There are coaches, trainers, therapists, professionals and communities of us who appreciate how ADHD can impact your life, relationships and, in my case, finances, so know that there’s help and support available to you.

It’s also important to remember that you have options; lots of options. There are apps, tools, techniques, treatments, practices and strategies, along with professional help, all of which can help you to live a very happy, healthy and balanced life with ADHD.

  1. Seek support

It’s important to find the right professional with whom you have high trust. There are medicated and non-medicated options, treatment plans, psychotherapy, coaching or mindfulness meditation and hypnotherapy. Getting the right professional support and treatment is essential. If you’re not sure where to start, you can reach out to your GP or check out the links after this article.

  1. Build your toolkit

I treat having an ADHD brain as an experiment now and it’s a lot more fun. Staying open to new ‘experiments’, tools, practices and perspectives if very helpful. If I stay curious, I’m more flexible about shifting to something else if something doesn’t work. It’s OK. It’s all a practice. It’s all a day at a time practice. Moment at a time. As you explore, you’ll find the right people, support networks and tools for you. Play with new techniques. My non-negotiables every morning are integrated meditations, which help activate heart mind coherence and connection for greater focus, flow and frequency throughout the day. TOOLKIT

PLEASE NOTE: Multitasking is one of our modern obsessions and it’s a myth. It’s popular and compulsive way to procrastinate and delude yourself that you’re being productive. When I was diagnosed with ADHD, I had to learn not to multitask. It requires practice, a lot of practice. It’s never perfect and I’m never done, but my practice every day is staying with one thing at a time with focus, presence and intent.

  1. Stay connected

Stay connected to whatever energy source restores your energy and spirit. Find those  practices, activities, people, conversations and communities that help you feel loved, connected and fulfilled. Build on those things, people and experiences which help you expand your self-esteem and feelings of gratitude. That may be service, volunteer work or being emotionally available for loved ones. Stay connected to your favourite people, activities and relationships which boost your energy and sense of self.

  1. Practice self-compassion

One of the most powerful and transformation practices in my experience has been that of self-forgiveness and compassion. It’s not only those of us with ADHD who give ourselves a hard time. Most of us do it. All of us? To consciously and deliberately extend forgiveness to ourselves and all others is one of the most ancient healing practices on the planet. Huna healing was passed down the generations throughout Hawaii and Tahiti, including daily meditations which focus on unconditional love and compassion for self and all others to keep our mind, body and spirit clear. When we are clear, we can focus, and when we can focus on what we want, we bring more of that into our reality. Now, that’s worth focusing on.


8. Heart to Heart Conversation with Luke Cookie – Cuppa TV

8. Heart to Heart Conversation with Luke Cookie – Cuppa TV

Check out my new series on Through the Looking Glass, called Heart to Heart Conversations; connecting with heart to surf the uncertainty, anxiety and addictions of the 21st century. My first Heart to Heart Conversation is with the warm, wonderful and wise Luke Cook, AKA Cookie.

If you can bear with my babble rubbish, I invite you to listen in to gather golden nuggets of wisdom from Cookie’s big life lessons, how he’s learned through listening to the stories of others, when and how to say no to technology to deepen your connections and how to flex your conversation muscles to be more present and engaged.

Show Notes

Luke Cook

After receiving his career break in radio, Cookie over the last  20 years has established himself as a senior leader in media & helping companies improve their culture.

Cookie is an ideas man, change maker, connector, employee culture specialist, entrepreneur, host, father and husband. 

He is also someone who has battled burnout, lost people very close to him, had to reinvent his  business in a day, and been on the brink of losing it all!

Cookie found his  purpose when launching (Netflix for businesses who want the most for their people)  at a time when people (and himself) needed it most. After interviewing over 370+ experts & personalities, Cuppa Of Life showed him first hand how the power of storytelling & conversations can change a person’s life forever and also galvanise a community to do good. 

He is passionate about 2 key areas:

  1. Finding your purpose & story by understanding your own ‘Life’s Puzzle’ 

  2. Helping individuals and companies build a culture of conversations through strengthening our conversational muscle in a time of disruption.

You can connect with look 

Interview references:

Sarah Krasnostein and her book ‘The Trauma Cleaner‘. 

Heart to Heart Conversations: connecting with heart to surf uncertainty, anxiety & addictions in the 21st century

Heart to Heart Conversations: connecting with heart to surf uncertainty, anxiety & addictions in the 21st century

“Have I gone mad?
I’m afraid so.
You’re entirely bonkers.
But I will tell you a secret,
All the best people are.”

Lewis Carroll

If you are here and reading, welcome! I’m happy that you’re here. I am making my way back on the airways, after quietly but, madly pedalling in the background to bring you my first book, which, I’m delighted and deeply relieved to say, is now ready to order!

This book is a series of stories about what happened to me On the way to Wonderland ™. These are true stories, to the best of my memory, with a strong caveat and CONTENT WARNING: There are strong drug references. This is not a self-help book. Consider it more a set of darkly comedic, cautionary tales about how not to completely f*** yourself if you’re a professional addict, like me. I’m inviting a conversation here, with lightness in heart, to share more candidly about the direct correlation between mental health issues and addictions and it’s potentially deadly impacts.

While I had some rock ‘n roll times around the world trying to outwit my addictions, run from trauma and find spiritual meaning, it did lead to devastating emotional, mental and financial rock bottom. Twice. In two languages. I figured if I was going to do it, I might as well diversify. While I do share important insights on how to surf live more successfully with anxiety, ADHD and addictions, it is a fun ride, provided you’re not adverse things getting a bit raw, edgy and sweary, I do get a bit sweary at times. Please note: you should not try this at home. Personal results may vary. Some conditions may apply. You get the drift.

Clearly, I did make it back from my multiple tumbles down the rabbit hole and not without some golden nuggets of wisdoms and cosmic truths from both ancient and modern masters who I met on my adventures through the under lands. These mad, yet deeply wise characters led me back to that place, which connects all of us, from where all things are born and possible, that infinite and metaphysical heart, which channels unlimited, love, light and energy. It was that love and their love, wisdom and practices which empowered me to connect at depth and with heart, our collective consciousness heart, to heal, transform and set myself free and create a new reality again and again and again.

You can now order your exclusive, limited edition signed copy to be delivered in Oct 2022.

In the spirit of sharing golden wisdom from the masters, I’m starting a Podcast/Vodcast series called:

Heart to Heart Conversations: Connecting with heart to help surf uncertainty, anxiety & addictions in the 21st century. 

As I’m interested in interview the modern masters I know who have helped me face into the uncertainty, anxiety and addictions of the 21st century

Curiosier and curiosier…..” said Alice

Coming Soon ….. my first 1:1 Heart 2 Heart Conversation with the inspirational Luke Cooke (Cookie).

Feeling stressed? Watch some jellyfish!

Feeling stressed? Watch some jellyfish!

Omedeto Gozaimasu! Happy New Year, in Japanese

I worked in Japan, back in the 90’s, and I had the honour and privilege of studying with many Eastern masters in martial arts, like Aikido, The Spirit of the Samurai and learning from Zen, Buddhist and Taoist monks.

It was in Japan that I first learned about ‘aquarium-therapy’. Check out my video here to meet the newest members of my family, my LED lit jellyfish!

Did you know that watching jellyfish swim creates a similar bio-chemical reaction in our body to doing meditation?

Clinical studies showed that watching jellyfish, or any fish swim, reduces stress, anxiety, muscle tension, it lowers our heart rate and it induces deep feelings of calm.

This form of enforced meditation is so popular in Japan, you can pay money to stay overnight in the aquariums to watch the fish swim.

Watching fish swim or any animal in nature is one of the oldest forms of inducing a natural, therapeutic state of trance.

When we go into a state of trance, or a hypnotic state, we by-pass the critical faculty and are able to access our unconscious mind, where inner stillness and serenity lies.

I’m not suggesting watching jellyfish is the answer to our challenges as we face into another year of uncertainty and complex change.

What I am suggesting, is that this is a fun, simple and easy practice to help you cultivate calm and connection with that quiet and safe space within your being.

Next time you’re feeling frazzled or frustrated, maybe pull up a video of some jellyfish, or any fish, or go to the park and watch the birds, it will alter your emotional, mental and physical state for the better.

If cultivating calm and connection with yourself for greater self-acceptance, stamina and success is important to you, please stay tuned for more Eastern inspired tools at:     

I’m very excited to announce my Quantum Mastery Immersive coming March 2022, bringing you powerful transformative techniques from the Eastern masters and Western experts in meditation, hypnosis and trance to help you align, at depth, to your unlimited potential and possibilities in 2022.

7. How journaling helped save and change my life …

7. How journaling helped save and change my life …

It may sound a little dramatic to say the journaling helped save my life but the power of journaling helped me heal, release and process emotions in a healthy way when I was down a deep, dark, rabbit hole of drug and money addictions 18 years ago and I hit my rock bottom in rehab.

How did The Power of Journaling save and change my life?

Listen into my Podcast here about how daily journaling helped me through recovery to becoming a more aligned, in flow and happier human …

Show Notes

It helped me to:

  1. express and release emotions in a healthy way every day
  2. Cultivate greater gratitude and appreciation which helps us to feel more connected, balanced and draw more of what you desire into your experience
  3. Make conscious what was unconscious … and this was a game changer.

Our conscious mind may set our intention, but it’s our unconscious mind that drives our behaviour and decisions enable or prevent us from realizing and aligning to those intentions.

It’s often the unconscious limiting beliefs, fears, scripts, self-talk, which prevent us from having or easily lining up with the reality we most desire.

Some of the resources mentioned in the podcast

Like, comment, share and leave comments about your interest in hearing some snippets from my upcoming book, my short stories ‘On the way to Wonderland …’

Podcast Transcript

Hello, and welcome to another episode of Through the Looking Glass with me, Alice, your host, and I am delighted and honored that you have decided to drop into Alice’s airwaves, where we have cosmic conversations. And we talk about some really cool as sh*t. To be honest, I, work in the field, I study in the field and have been speaking and coaching and finishing a book, which is coming out next year.

My deep focus has been around what I call Quantum Transformation, Quantum tools, techniques, and mindset shifts to help in my case save and it can also change your life, transform your life. And we play with really cool things like exploring parallel versions of ourselves and not the woo stuff, but the really cool stuff, the cutting edge stuff that is being validated by medical scientists and neuroscientists and the top university.

The people I follow like Brian Cox, a Rockstar astrophysicist, in case you don’t know him, he was literally a rockstar. He played the keyboard for this UK band D:Ream in the UK, and they had this cracking hit songs ‘Things can only get better’.

That was around I think, 93, that got big and the point being, he was casually, you know, studying his PhD in physics on the side while he was a keyboardist. He’s now quite renowned astrophysicist who travels the world. My mission is to interview him live. That’s a little bit of context, he’s a master in all things cosmos and universe related.

That’s probably really broad, and any astrophysicist would probably get a little bit twitchy about me being general about that introduction. The point is we talk about people like him, the field of astrophysics, quantum mechanics, quantum physics, but in a really practical way around how some of these phenomenal tools, which are now being measured by medical science can help you expand your heart and your mind for a greater experience of life, to have a life of your choosing, to feel free in all dimensions of your life.

I approach it from having had a pretty challenged background and the tools and the techniques and the things I want to share with you. I share it in the spirit of, providing something that may provide you a little bit of reprieve, a break might be helpful for you in times when you need to channel or release emotions or move through a challenging time.

Today what I wanted to chat about what may seem very simple, but it’s been very transformative and it helped me a lot in early recovery. I’m going to come back to that point in a moment. When I went into rehab and very early in the pace, and for those of you who don’t know, if you’ve experienced a drug and alcohol addiction, or any addiction for that matter, it was just as bad for me when I got injured and I had to stop running, but that’s a conversation for another day.

When you first go into recovery you have this onslaught of emotions that you haven’t dealt with for a lifetime. You need to find healthy and functional ways to channel and express the emotions. I know even this time of year at the moment, the back end of 2010, you know 2021, the second year of this life event that we’ve all experienced as a collective COVID.

There are times when the emotions get really intense. And one of the practices that have helped me a lot in terms of focus, flow,  balancing my moons and even getting clear on what’s important to me. And I wanted to make conscious things that may be weren’t conscious and processing and integrating dreams.

I mean, just in terms of the tool of self-reflection integration growth and often breakthrough. We’re getting used to the breakdowns and then through to the breakthrough, which has been the case many times in my life, then practicing journaling. Well, it might be a good practice and I thought I would plant the seed with you before the break, because I think.

You know, some people they’re like, ‘oh my God, how do you find time to do that?’ I’m like, honestly, sometimes it’s only five or 10 minutes. It’s while I’m drinking my coffee and it doesn’t need to be anything it’s stream of consciousness, it’s just emptying out. It’s unfolding even when you think you don’t have anything to say, you can write out a gratitude list, you can list out all the things, your gratitude, your, your story that you’re grateful for and that you appreciate.

And so. You know, the three things that I have really gotten out of journaling every day. And as I said, and it doesn’t need to be at a set time. The time that works for me is when I get up in the morning. It can be any time for you. And I actually got it and I’ll share it. With this podcast, someone in recovery, when I was in rehab pointed me to the Artist’s way by Julia Cameron.

So that was where I got the idea. And Julia Cameron is a writer and she does artists workshops for writers as well and helping them clear writers, unblock. She’s written a number of books, she talks about the power of the daily pages of the morning pages. And so it’s a practice I’d picked up about 18 years ago, which I’ve stayed with pretty steadily and out of that, as I say, it’s given me an opportunity and I would encourage you to consider or look at, or practice or play with how helpful it can be to have a notebook or journal.

Unload unfold, just write notes, or if you prefer to get visual diaries and do a bunch of colored markers, and even just drawing and doodling, like that’s another one. I mean, that’s a whole other conversation as well, but that creative play on paper is, a very powerful tool. And as I say, it can, it can surface things, that may be need to be, you know, need to be bubbled up and cleared in a very gentle loving way. As I say, the three things I’ve gotten out of that, that daily journaling is being able to clear and channel sometimes unwanted and difficult emotions.

Secondly, it’s helped me to really deepen and cultivate that gratitude and appreciation, which has been medically, they are looking at the power of the heart led meditations, which of course the Taoists and the Buddhists have known for thousands of years. The, the techniques I see modern mystics and, you know, people like Dr. Joe Dispenza use today. It’s incredible. He’s taken it to a whole new level in terms of how it’s measured and applied are very similar to ancient Taoists practices in dissolving into the darkness and silence of space. That’s a little teaser for my trance and hypnosis sessions, but we’d love you to come and check out some of those. I’m going to be doing lots of hypnosis and deep trans because it’s healing at an unconscious and conscious level. Secondly, let’s coming back to our points here, right?

Channeling and releasing emotions. Secondly, Oh man. Now I feel like Kevin Kline from fish called Wanda. What was the middle thing? Um, secondly, cultivating and deepening gratitude and appreciation. Truly one of my favorite films of all time, by the way. All in Monty Python. We’ll come back to that. And a fish called Wanda.

I’ve met Joan Clay twice now. He’s one of our calm medic heroes.  I’m going to just go off off-road now while we’re here, he is with Brian Cox featured in the Monty Python show in the arena in London. Like I almost lost my mind because Monty Python are like my comedic heroes since I was about five years old. And you might say that’s too young, but I truly was laughing at. Monty Python and the Holy Grail when I was very young. The Brian Cox and Stephen Hawkins featured video in the arena with Monty Python. So anyway, that was just like a bringing together of some of the great minds that have influenced me.

We’ve talked about that first and second one. I did cover the second one yet. The gratitude, appreciation, deepening, and expanding that which really helps you to draw more of what you want into your experience. So that’s incredibly powerful. And then the third one, which as I say is we need to do a deep dive on this, which.

Making what is unconscious conscious because it is often the unconscious mind that trips us up. We consciously may set the intention and set our plans and set it to feel a certain way. And, go ahead and life, the way that we want to go ahead and life. And of course we all have unexpected, lots of unexpected interruptions in life. Life is what happens when we’re making other plans.

As John Lennon famously said, although he may have inherited that from someone I need to look at the background. I thought it was John Lennon. The three things that I have really gotten out of this practice and process of journaling on a daily basis. And I would invite you to have a play or a practice with it as well to see if it helps you in the same way is helped channel, release and let go of unwanted emotions, fears, limitations, beliefs, judgments that I’ve needed to clear my channel. Secondly, it’s helped me to deepen and focus on those feelings of gratitude and appreciation to bring even more of what I want and desire into my experience. And thirdly, it’s helped me to make conscious what was unconscious so that I can align.

And more quickly draw what I want into my experience. And again, that is a theme that we can go deep on another time.

Thank you so much though, for tuning in today, it’s been really wonderful to have you here with this podcast. I will share a link to my free journal. So you can have a play with that, or you might have your own journal or notebook.

I invite you to practice and play with journaling and see how it can change your life as well, and how it can help you as a tool to play and release and let go and transition as we will be transitioning at the end of this year into a New Year 2022.

Stay well and enjoy the journey.

6. Manage your energy for limitless potential and possibilities

6. Manage your energy for limitless potential and possibilities

21st century techniques to manage your energy for unlimited potential and possibilities. Do you want to know the secret to create an extraordinary life?  Tune in to hear the 3 key ingredients to translate your intentions into physical reality – as shared by our ancient and modern masters. Click here to choose your ultimate reality, starting here and now.

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Some of the resources mentioned in the podcast

Podcast Transcript

Hello friends. And welcome to another episode of through the looking glass with me, Alice, your host. I woke up very early this morning, inspired to do a series of podcasts about what I’ve heard, the Harvard business school call the science of stamina. And I love this term, the science system. As it was referred to in this Harvard business review, because there’s two components of this that are very important for us to note one, we do have a science scientific data points, proven and effective and powerful tools and technologies in the 21st century that we know we can use as interventions to manage sustained energy focus and stuff.

And secondly, I really liked the idea of focusing on stamina, because what we’re talking about when it comes to stamina is that endurance that staying power, that energy that we need to be able to tap into. Sometimes when we think we don’t have any left. Now over the past couple of years, Since the global pandemic hit, there’s been a lot of talk about resilience, which is incredibly important and performance, of course, and I love emotional agility and a big shout out to Dr. Susan David, their love, her book, emotional agility, and everything she has to say about that. But stamina endurance and staying power is talking about our energy and how we manage our energy. And. We’ve all had to dig really deep on this. Since COVID hit, I’ve had to dig deep. Managing our energy is a lot more important than how we manage our time.

Now, managing our time is an important component of what we need to do when it comes to managing our energy. But when we talk about how we manage your energy, tap into our energy and sustain our energy, that’s a much bigger conversation. You see, time is a limited and finite resource, but energy is an unlimited resource.

And this is why the ancient masters of the east martial artists, the samurai of feudal, Japan Taoists and the modern mystics of science of the 21st century are focusing around how we manage and measure and mitigate with our energy. You say managing your time is one thing, but when you learn to manage your energy, you change the game today.

I want to talk about three keys to managing your energy. It comes down to one, your focus to your flow and three, your frequency. You learn how to manage these three aspects of your experience and reality in life. Then you know how to manage direct channel transmute, your energy, your life, and your world.

Changing your focus, flow and frequency is what changes your reality because this global pandemic and the impacts of it let’s face it. It’s asked everything about. Yeah. It’s also been a profound and once in a lifetime opportunity to get really clear on what we want in life and what’s important to us.

And when you focus and you tap into flow and you shift your frequency to draw in exactly what you want to experience, you have the three keys that allow you to tap into freedom in every area of your life. You can access emotional. Physical freedom from pain and addictions, mental freedom from anxiety and suffering.

And I know that because there was a time when I was doing so much math, I got caught off by my speed dealer, which you’ve got to admit, takes commitment. And there was also a time when I was in such crippling debt that I thought to take myself out was the only way to get out. But I found the stamina to double and then triple my.

And there was a time and there had been many days when the anxiety was so overwhelming in sobriety, in early recovery. When I didn’t know how I was going to get through the next minute, let alone the next hour or the next day. And now I have days when I feel so free and expanded and grateful and abundant that I don’t want to see the sun go up.

So it’s possible. My friends, anything is possible because I’ve walked a path of having to transform and transcend what seemed to be insurmountable. And do I get these practices perfect today? Hell no, it’s a practice and it’s a practice that I call tapping into the power of quantum connection. And quantum clinic connection is precisely about these three things.

How you connect with your focus, your flow and your frequency. And when you do this, you can refuel, recharge and reset in any way you desire. It can help you avoid and prevent burnout, exhaustion, change, fatigue, change, confusion, mitigate impacts of crisis. And, uh, you know, little things like COVID, I’m being facetious, of course, because as the Ozzies would say.

That pandemic knocked us all for six, which is a cricket term and happy to come back and explain that to me. If my global companions out there that may not know the reference, but that’s a conversation for another day. So today I want to give you some leading edge tools and techniques to do precisely what you need to, to manage your energy through your focus, flow, and frequency.

Now you’ll note, when you go to my website, Alyse, I give away a lot of this stuff for free. Because the stuff is too good not to share. As I mentioned earlier, there’s a reason why the leading universities, astrophysicists, neuroscientists and medical scientists are measuring the power of frequency and how we can use it to shift our mind, body and lives.

And not everyone has the time and money to complete a state of the art class to access this stuff. We all need these tools. Quickly at pace and at scale, because we are facing into a global and national mental health crisis, suicide continues to be the leading cause of death for ages 15 to 24 in Australia.

That’s a mental health crisis. And I know all too well, what it’s like to be in that place. Where you feel like taking yourself out is the only way out I fell down a deep dark rabbit hole of financial debt, despair, drug addiction, and emotional devastation. And it was through learning this science and how to apply the science of stamina.

The science of managing my energy, which helped me save my life. And it’s helped me help others save and change their lives. So with that said, let’s talk about focus, flow, and frequency. Now, to be clear today, I simply want to share a bit of an introduction because each of these are a whole topic, very, very expensive in and of themselves.

You could spend a lifetime studying these, and in fact, I’m still studying them, but I want to share with you some of the best tools and technologies and interventions that I’ve learned. That are leading edge and backed by some of the greatest thought leaders around the world. So if you want to get started, there are a few tools on my website.

I encourage you to check out firstly, there’s a free journal. Now journaling is a very powerful and effective way to channel your emotions, process and integrate ideas and inspirations and intentions. And it can also help you to clear what may be blocking you from feeling behaving are attracting what you want in your life.

I was introduced to this in early recovery. When someone gave me the book, the artist’s way by Julia Cameron and I have been doing my daily pages every day. And there is no question in my mind that this has been part of a powerful transformation for me. So take an opportunity. If you don’t already to check out the free journal and consider how you can use daily journaling to channel your emotions, your intentions, your ID.

And whatever it is you’re experiencing. Secondly, you can tap into my meditations. Now, these are not just there for some warm fuzzy, was he feel good factors. These are based on the principles of quantum mechanics. And as I say, they are being measured and studied in laboratories by medical scientists in some of the top universities for how they heal, transform and change our bodies, minds, and realities.

And I’ll go a lot deeper into this into upcoming podcast. And thirdly, you’ll note on my website, I’ve got an earth and sky imagery exercise. Now this is a short little exercise. I’ve got plenty more than I’m going to share with you that I learned when I was studying with the Taoists monks in the early nineties in Japan.

Now the Taoists have known for millennia that we draw energy from the world around us, the sky, the earth, the stars, the planets way before astrophysicist started talking about the inflational multi-verse. Eastern masters and martial arts. And I think I’ll need to do an episode on the science of the samurai, which is something else I studied when I was in Japan and how you can expand your space and energy through focused, loving intention and flow.

So please feel free to take a look at some of these free resources on my website. And let’s talk a little bit about the. Focus flow and frequency concepts. So to be clear, this three calls, three calls to action for you, which can help you right here. And right now start to better manage your energy. One, pay attention to what you focus on, what you choose to focus on, determines your reality in a far more expensive and real way than many people realize.

You choose your intention through the day and you stay focused on it. A famous samurai Mount motto in Japanese is mocha techie. Honi focus on your purpose. If your purpose today is to stay calm. Great focus on that. And don’t give yourself a hard time when you find yourself getting upset or thrown by the game.

Come back to that focus and remember how it feels to stay calm and keep coming back to that and start paying attention to where your focus is. If your focus is to feel connected. Excellent. Tap into that, focus on that. And if it’s feeling confident, focus on feeling confident, commit to that throughout the day and start to watch and notice what it is that takes you away from that focus around your company.

Now your second call to action is tapping into your flow. Find those things that give you energy, those things, which feed your heart and soul. Now I have to go real deep on this one. We’ve only just been liberated from lockdown here in Sydney, and it really forced me to pay attention to what and who drains my energy and to learn to manage that.

So, if you start to pay attention to what and who gives you energy versus what, and who drains you of energy, you are going to be a lot more effective at managing your energy so that you can direct it to those things you want to be doing. That keeps you on point and living in your purpose. focus on your purpose, tap into your.

And do your best to avoid or limit those things or exposure to people that may drain your energy to the extent that that’s possible. And again, that’s a whole other conversation on boundaries, which we can save for another day. And number three is paying attention to your frequency, emotions and music operate at a particular frequency.

This is a measured science, my friend. The healing or detrimental effects of emotions impact our health and wellbeing and relationship. Now this isn’t about suppressing or repressing our emotions. It’s about giving expression to them in a healthy and functional way. And there are a lot of ways to do this journal, breathe, meditate, walk, do some.

Dance around the living room, put on a martial arts exercise, video and sweated out. My favorite that got me through lockdown here in Sydney is pop sugar fitness. My favorite YouTube channel of the last two years. All at it. Along with this podcast, vent to a friend, talk to a therapist, create something sing draw.

There are countless ways to give expression to your emotion. Find something that works for. So that you can shift, release and let go of those lower or more damaging frequencies and tap into the higher energy and frequencies that keep you operating and focused and in a space that you want to be in. Now, we’ll talk a lot more about raising your frequency on the next podcast, but until then I encourage you to pay attention to and choose what you focus on your purpose. Secondly, tap into your flow, tap into what gives you energy and limit what drains your energy and thirdly, pay attention to your frequency. Find those things that elevate your frequency and limit those things that lower your frequency. These are three Ks to helping you manage your energy and your stamina until next time.
No, this a path that is driven by the heart leads to energy that is limitless. Choose your heart and focus what you want. Choose with your heart and tap into your. With whatever nurtures you feeds, you heals you and makes your heart sing. And if there’s things throughout the days, you have to do that, doesn’t make your heart sing like your day job or a difficult situation you’re living with, or a situation or a person that, you know, you need to shift the relationship with something you need to change in your life.

That’s okay. Except what is release the energy and the emotions around that in a healthy and functional way, and balance it with finding those things that you do love and do more of that. And we knew stay connected to more of those things in people that make you feel good that really lift your energy, that raise your vibration and you channel clear and release those feelings or those energies that are blocking or damaging.

While you cultivate and expand the feelings which uplift, inspire and energize you, you will change your life. You will change your health, your wealth, your relationships, and your reality. Thank you so much for listening and I look forward to continuing the quantum journey with you. As we continue to explore the power of quantum connection until next time please enjoy. And stay well.


5. The Aikido of Alignment (Part 1)

5. The Aikido of Alignment (Part 1)

Welcome to the sunset series of 2021. This is the first podcast for the year and one of a three-part series called the Aikido of Alignment. In this series, I want to share some of the precious and ancient nuggets of wisdom that I drew from my Aikido sensei in Japan on how to apply the principles of Aikido in our lives for greater peace, harmony and flow.

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4. The Power Of Celebration

4. The Power Of Celebration

Welcome to this year end holiday special episode as Alice interviews Jessica Bancroft about “The Power of Celebration”. Jess is a holistic, health and Wellness, AKA the ‘Seeing Being’ and brings her depth of intuitive talents, wisdom and insights on how to better celebrate ourselves and the the journey of life with greater levity and laughter. Grab a cuppa and enjoy their cosmic and comical conversation as they delve into the deeper truths of life, death and everything in between.

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Some references for you. 

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Jessica Brancroft (new website coming in January 2021)

Baba Ram Dass



The Artist Way



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