Love Actuarially

Love Actuarially

Over a meal, on more than one occasion, I remember my mother saying, “There are three things you never discuss, Darling; politics, religion and money.” This was emphasised further by my father’s empathic and passionate nodding. My parents had this belief instilled in them, and it was then instilled in me. There was no harm intended; their beliefs were a product of their upbringings, as were mine. 

For over 30 years, I had a conscious, but more impactfully a subconscious, money script hard-wired from day one. There were many I took on, but the first was you don’t talk about money. I left my home country, Canada, 20 years ago for a lifestyle change and, in part, to also ‘flee’ my financial chaos. Upon reflection, it was easy to see how I’d developed so many unhealthy and ultimately dysfunctional habits around money. 

It took a hard rock bottom and facing financial hardship to wake up to the fact that my financial confusion was robbing me of my personal freedom and well-being. It was a devastating reality check very late in the game. I can’t begin to explain the shame that came with being in $185,000 in credit card debt across two continents and being a professional who works in finance. It was a secret I was convinced I’d take to the grave. But it got to the point where I couldn’t afford not to talk to someone.

As it turns out, unthinkably good things can happen late in the game.

I met my match at Ryan’s Bar in Sydney through a friend. He was a very tall man, an actuary and as I learned after a few more wines, addicted to theme parks and musical theatre. I was intrigued. Despite my slurred messiness that night, having been drinking since noon, this man, now my husband, saw something in me. There was a risk-averse actuary, and I had ‘high risk’ written all over me, yet he knew there was something more. After six months of dating, we agreed that we wanted to take things to the next stage.

The anxiety of my crippling debt and overspending, along with a suite of other destructive habits was no longer going to be easy to hide. Given his healthy habits around money and finances, he insisted that we talk upfront about where we were financially, and I was terrified. I thought for sure he’d leave. On some level, I hoped he’d bail me out. He did neither. 

He stood in his integrity and truth and insisted that if we were going to make it as a couple, I would need to get my act together, with the deepest of love and sincerity. He made it crystal clear that he wasn’t prepared to rescue me financially; I had to save myself. 

I was forced to start looking down the barrel of the money I owed, talk to him openly and honestly about what was happening with me financially. It woke me up out of my fiscal haze and inspired me to turn my money ship around. I could finally see that looking after myself financially, was one of the most critical ways I could look after myself – and that no-one was going to bail me out but me. His reflection back to me of the power of honesty, self-worth and integrity inspired me to start a new chapter. The Madhatter’s Tea Party was over, and it was time to clean up – on all fronts.

Once I made that clear and conscious decision to turn my life around it was incredible what started to happen. I discovered the power of connecting with my ‘Quantum Self’ by committing to seeing and believing what was possible for me without limitations. I started to see me as Marty saw me, beyond the debt, the shame, the addictions and a troubled past. 

I learned everything I could about personal transformation and embarked on a remarkable journey of healing myself at depth and accepting my true worth. As my self-worth increased, so did my net worth. 

I doubled my income in two months and tripled in a year. I paid down my debt in under 4½ years. I launched a business and a career supporting others in what I call ‘Quantum Transformation’ to overcome seemingly impossible obstacles, hardship and devastation. I re-built my life, career and relationships to create a life which I fell in love with, along with the actuary.   

If you are facing financial hardship or if you’re crippled by the debt you’ve accumulated and the shame that comes with it, know you’re not alone. Also, know that there is a way out.

In my upcoming webinar, the ‘7 Quantum Keys from financial hardship to financial freedom’, I share more about the steps I took to create the quantum shifts I so desperately needed to clear myself of life-long patterns and behaviours and step into the full expression of who I knew I was born to be; 

To help you, here are three of those Quantum Keys.

1. Be sure of your success

Certainty is the electromagnetic key which translates your thoughts and desires into physical reality – I’ve seen this proven again and again in myself and my clients. We have the power to change our physical realm in unprecedented time through the power of our focused intention. 

In 2020, this notion of focusing on what you want to manifest your reality can no longer be dismissed as ‘woo-woo’. Leading-edge neuroscientists and medical researchers at top universities are measuring how powerful the focus of our thoughts and emotions are when it comes to healing and transforming our physical state. 

This quantum truth is leveraged by top athletes, high-income earners and the most successful people across the globe to achieve their goals. When you tap into what you want with absolute certainty that you will succeed, with no conscious or unconscious resistance, the reality you desire is yours. That is a scientific data point which can no longer be ignored. Learn more about this in my introductory Podcast series, “Through the Looking Glass“. 

2. Forgive yourself for whatever you have or haven’t done with your finances until now

You’ve done the best you can with what you knew at every point in your journey. If you’ve had issues managing your money – it’s not a moral issue – it’s about learned behaviours, beliefs and patterns – we’ve all had scripts hard-wired in us. It comes with our design. 

We can learn to re-write our scripts and re-wire our brain when it comes to money or anything else in our life. There was a lot of negative and limiting conscious and subconscious stories that I needed to clear and reset before I started earning more and spending less. No matter how far down the rabbit hole you have fallen, there is a way out. 

Once I was able to release the shame about my past and patterns, I let go of the blocks that were preventing me from aligning to and allowing greater abundance in my life. By forgiving yourself for whatever has happened up until now you will set yourself  free. If you need support to clear your blocks at depth, refer to my Quantum Connection guided meditations


3. Make a clear and conscious decision about what you want your financial reality to be

I love this quote from the mystical poet, Rumi, ‘What you want, wants you’. I call it The Power of Quantum Connection – this is how you leverage the universal, consistent and predictable laws of quantum mechanics and metaphysics to change your life and finances in any way you desire.

When you commit and make a clear and conscious decision to focus on what you want,with clarity and conviction, it is one of the most powerful activators in the universe. If you want to learn more about the power of quantum focus and how it will change your fiscal reality – again, check out my Podcast and also my Quantum Connection guided meditations

You choose who you want to be, what you want to have and what you do with the power of your focused and loving intent. I hope this helps you travel through the portal of your infinite possibilities through The Power of Quantum Connection™.

With quantum love and light,



1. The Power of Quantum Connection Part 1

1. The Power of Quantum Connection Part 1

The power of quantum connection and how connecting with heart through times of crisis can change and save lives. In this episode I will be introducing you to the concept of quantum connection.

Show Notes

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Hello, and welcome to this introductory podcast series through the looking glass with me, Alice, your host, and here in episode one, I will be talking about. Oh, yes, I’m Canadian born. That’s the immediate giveaway. I will be sharing with you about the power of quantum connection and how connecting with heart through times of crisis can change and save lives.

So why? Listen to me. Well, being Alice, I fell down a deep, deep rabbit hole a few times. In fact, and while there were many fun, funny and fascinating turns of events during the mad Hatter’s tea party, that was my life for so many years. I also hit a few hard rock bottoms. After all Alice did have to fall down a deep, deep hole to get to wonder.

And I had to eventually find a way back home and it almost cost me my life. I had to come back from my financial chaos, confusion and desperation to who I really was. And it was the power of quantum connection that saved my life. And that has led me to my life’s work as a quantum transformation leader, speaker, master, coach, and author.

And now the work I do is with quantum interventions, which is a custom blend of methods drawn from my decades of experience and training in esoteric practices. Neuro-linguistic programming, hypnosis and therapy, both ancient and modern. And I do this because it lights me up and seeing people like you, and so many others access the power of quantum interventions to accelerate transformation.

Well, it’s fast, it’s fun. And it’s fascinating. And I know this from my personal experience and the experiences that I’ve seen with thousands around the world. I have seen my clients heal and transform trauma. Learned to deal to addictions loss, phobias, anxiety, depression, and financial hardship, and use these techniques to access abundance, happiness, peace, and joy.

And that is why I am very excited to share this podcast series with you so that you too can experience the fun flow and freedom that comes with quantum connect. So as I guide you through the looking glass, which you may consider a metaphysical portal through time and space, it isn’t only philosophical in nature.

I will share with you the proven powerful and leading edge tools and techniques used by the best healing and transformation coaches, therapists, and practitioners around the globe with principles and theories backed by astrophysicists, such as rockstar Brian Cox, but plenty more on rockstar astrophysicists and quantum mechanics later.

First, I want you to be sure that this show is for you. If you are a healthcare practitioner, a therapist, a trainer, a business leader, a coach, a parent, or a teacher, which has got to be the fastest expanding profession. As we move through this time of COVID-19 or simply someone who is interested in how you accelerate your ability to activate abundance, success and fulfillment in your life.

Despite challenging times that we’re facing into in 2020. Then this series is for you. So first off, we’ll unpack the concept of quantum connection, what it is, why we need it more than ever, how it can help you to access unlimited personal power, possibility, and potential. And the power of quantum connection is already in you.

It’s in me, it’s in all of us and all we need to access this unlimited power is the ability to activate. In the year 2020, we can now discuss the power of applying quantum healing with confidence as leading neuroscientists and astrophysicists support the foundational principles of quantum physics. We don’t need to waste oxygen talking about whether or not it’s true.

Leading medical scientists and researchers are refining the process of using quantum focus and how we can use it to heal our minds, bodies and lives. So the world’s top athletes, executives, coaches, and high income earners are applying the art and science of quantum theory to achieve extraordinary results every single day.

If you’re up for accessing the power of your heart brain and being to transform and influence any change you want to see in you and your life, then you’re going to love this series. And if you’re on the fence as to whether or not you accept that you have the power to be who you choose to be, if you would rather argue the case for all the reasons why you can’t do be, or have what you want, this may not be.

And there’s no right or wrong or judgment in not be at peace with whatever you believe, but if you want results, you are in the right place. The truth is quantum connection is at the very core of who you are, who you really are beyond the duality of good and bad, dark and light. Past fear, doubt, or any limited belief or pattern even debt.

And I’ve got something I can share with you quite a bit of experience in debt, my friends, but we’ll deal to that later at your core, you are a quantum being capable of doing, being, and having whatever you want and you can choose to be the highest quantum version of yourself every single day. No matter what, even during a pandemic, even through crisis, especially through crisis, you can access an empowered and enlightened state of being to show up for yourself and others with love, light and levity.

That’s the power of quantum connection. You see you and I have access to this infinite source of quantum love, light and energy. It empowers us and millions of others to shift from being at the effect of circumstances, challenges, and emotions to being who you choose to be and not can be happy, light and free every single.

Now I’m not talking about being violently delusional or deepened denial or blocking our eyes and ears from what surrounds us, particularly when the world is moving through this unprecedented challenge during the coronavirus, I’m talking about consciously and deliberately choosing love over fear again and again, and again, to convert challenges into opportunities.

To actively raise our frequency and the frequency of others to heal darkness, trauma, and difficulty into opportunity after opportunity to step into the light and add value with love and courage. Quantum connection helps you to be who you want to be and to draw into your energy field and experience.

Anything you want. And that’s the proven quantum physics of it. If you’d like to join me. And I would love to take you on this metaphysical journey with very real practical and empowering results to introduce you to the power of quantum interventions, which saved my life and has done so for thousands of others, then play, stay with me.

So why is the need for these quantum connections more important than ever? Well, we are dealing to a 21st century emotional and mental health crisis here in Australia and 2020, the leading cause of death between the ages of 15 and 44 is suicide. Emotional and mental health is a critical priority for you.

Me, our loved ones, our teams, our businesses, our clients. If we are to heal individually and as a collective, as a planet, we need something far beyond our finite human resources. Even before COVID-19 we found ourselves facing into. Overwhelming change complexity, digital addiction, disruption, and expectations to be on call and online twenty four seven.

Then within that context, we were hit with the coronavirus, shocking most of us into a completely new reality within this chaos acknowledging stories of heartbreaking loss and disaster. We have a choice. You can choose to focus on the opportunity to show up and lead with love in a bigger way, where you can focus on the fear and be consumed by the anxiety created in this time of crisis to come together, to save not only ourselves and our loved ones, but entire communities and organizations means we need to change.

It means that if we want to step up to the plate to lead with love and courage, to shift to a new level of consciousness, we need to let go of old ideas of being better or worse than others, releasing anger and resentments and releasing the patterns and beliefs that have held us back for so long. To stop arguing for our limitations and our fears, and to start owning the truth of who we are and accessing the power of our highest and most loving state of being COVID-19 has reminded us all of our frailty and this virus doesn’t describe.

It doesn’t care about your financial standing or your status or your education or your ethnic background or your beliefs, or even whether or not you support Trump, but let’s not go there. In this episode. We are all equal here, equally vulnerable, equally human and equally powerful. If we know how to collaborate with care and compassion and higher consciousness, this is a one and a hundred year operative.

To lead with love in a more elevated way, from a more evolved mindset with heartfelt connection at depth, make no mistake is asking everything of us, everything. And while most of what’s happening around us is out of our control. The fact remains what we can control. Which is how we show up and how we respond emotionally and mentally in times of crisis is all that we need in this time of great need.

When we learn to show up in the fullness of our being with light and love at heartfelt connection, we can transform ourselves and others, one quantum connection or conversation at a time. So what is quantum connection? Let me explain what happened to me. It was quantum connection that saved my life back in 2004, I fell down a deep, deep rabbit hole.

I had flood Canada and I’d hoped my financial chaos. I found myself one morning, very hung over and completely broken on cookie beach here in Sydney, Australia, I was facing down the barrel of $185,000 in credit card. Self-medicating heavily with lethal doses of drug and alcohol to try and keep the madness.

And the anxiety at bay creditors were chasing me across two continents day and night. And I was told my only options were bank Pepsi and rehab. There was nowhere left to run. I had exhausted my options. I felt desperate, alone and completely helpless. I took a quantum leap and I reached out in a moment of desperation because my life depended on it.

My friend Rianne showed up and she saw in me more than I could see. She peeled past the layers of my addiction past the layer of death. Beyond the shame and way beyond my pain to the core of who I really was. And she reminded me in that moment that I was a powerful quantum being worthy and capable of doing, having, and being anything that I wanted.

She connected with me in that moment with such focused and power and presence. It changed my life forever. She said, Alice, I see you. You are more than this. You have to choose to be more. You have to believe at depth that you are more, and then you will call it in. She connected with me at a heart level or quantum level from her place of unlimited power and connected me. After that moment, everything changed. It was so powerful that I doubled my income in two months and I tripled it in a year because once you’ve seen a glimpse of what’s possible, there is no going back. And when you tap into an experience like that, you don’t walk away from the conversation unchanged.

After that moment, I knew my life’s work was to help other people connect with their quantum power. If that moment triggered powerful transformation in me, I knew it was possible for anyone. I paid down my dad in less than five years and I accelerated my success and abundance in ways that I did not even know were possible, even more important.

I let go of all that was preventing me from being the person who I knew I was born to be you and I have access to that universal quantum energy source. And when you learn to focus it with loving power and intent, it will change your life in ways that are truly miraculous. A miracle has been described by spiritual teachers over the years, as a shift in perspective.

Quantum connection allows you to create miracles by accessing the unlimited source of love and light within you. You will have people around you like I do every day, all the time questioning how is it possible that you can be so energized and empowered and optimistic, even in the face of great adversity and uncertainty at scale?

What do I do? I tap into the quantum truth of who I am, who you are at the core of our being every single day. What scientists at top universities have now validated about how we can emit electromagnetic signals from our hearts and minds to change our physical reality is what ancient, spiritual inhaling masters have known for millennia.

We can draw miracles into our reality through quantum focus, to change and transform our relationships, career abundance, and wellbeing, with the power of our emotional and mental focus. We can relax, release and reset again and again and again, to create a life that you love, even in troubling times. To lead and speak and act from a place of love and loving service for the freedom, peace, and abundance, you desire and that you desire for those around you.

So hopefully that set the scene. And if you’re keen to continue on this journey through the looking glass with me, Alice, your host, I would be honored and delighted if you chose to join, join me on the next leg of this event. In part two of the series I’d like to share with you a golden key to accessing the power of quantum light and energy and how it can change your reality, emotional state and energetic field with loving intent and peaceful purpose.

Before we sign off, I encourage you to listen to the first of my three-part meditation series, which is free with this podcast to continue on your journey of being your highest and quantum. To access all of the goodness available to you through infinite love, light and energy, one moment, and one quantum connection at a time until then from my heart to yours.

3. The Power of Quantum Connection Part 3

3. The Power of Quantum Connection Part 3

The power of quantum connection and how connecting with heart through times of crisis can change and save lives. In this episode I will be introducing you to the concept of quantum connection.

Show Notes

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Welcome back. And I am so pleased that you decided to return for the final part of this introductory podcast series through the looking glass with me, Alice, your host. Now we’ve been talking about the power of quantum connections and how connecting with heart at depth can change and save lives through times of crisis.

Let’s do a quick recap on the journey. So. In episode one part one, I talked about the first key to quantum connection, which is remembering who you really are in order to align to your infinite and unlimited nature. In part two, I talked about tapping into certainty through your heart-mind connection and coherence to access the power of quantum universe with quantum theory and practice.

Here in part three, we’re going to talk about a two-part third key. The first part a is clearing your channel because you must clear your channel. If you are to access and allow infinite and quantum love and light to flow through you, to you and to others. And part B is the importance of quantum focus on appreciation.

And learning to appreciate everything on your path of evolution. When you bring these three keys together, these three fundamental principles, you accelerate your access to unlimited abundance, peace, and freedom, and you help others to do the same. Now, at the end of the last episode, I asked you in the interest of clearing your channel to consider what you needed to let go of to be.

Or what you needed to believe or not believe to step into the full light of who you are. And I’m hoping you had an opportunity to consider and maybe even release with a meditation, something or someone that you felt was blocking you from doing, being, having, or feeling what you want. I’ll tell you what mine was for a long time.

My need for speed, literally, and metaphorically. Now I could dedicate an entire podcast to this topic, but I was one of these crazy ass people who got a kick out of doing four shots of coffee in the morning, and then running on a treadmill until it felt like my heart was going to work. Mental. Yes, but it worked for me for many years.

When it came to keeping my emotions at bay, it was my primary and primal addiction running a lot. It made me feel good. I love the rush. I knew how I was going to feel at the end of the run. And I loved that runner’s high, like nothing else. And it served. For many years in my difficult times when I didn’t want to face into pain or trauma, it kept the madness at bay.

And then I sustained a major injury to my legs about 18 months ago. And when I found out I had to stop running, I did not think that I could live with this new reality. Now that might sound extreme, but you’ve got to realize it was part of my identity. It was my mood stabilizer for over 30 years. It was my go-to my entire life.

I could guarantee I would feel good at the end of her run. And it supported me in 16 years of sobriety. And before that, and I thought my life dependent on it. And not only that, but the runner’s high is like coming off any major narcotic.

I slipped back into suicidal ideation and I started swinging up and down like a manic pendulum, and I felt like I wasn’t coping. And here I was an expert and a practitioner in this quantum work. And yet I was sidelined at, by my injury. And I had days when I slipped back into very old thinking and feeling patterns and I didn’t think anything would make a difference.

I simply didn’t think I could live with this new norm of being slowed down so much now. Little did I know that right on the other side of the debilitating fear and anxiety was my first. But I had to come right back to the basics of clearing my emotional and mental blocks on a daily basis. Sometimes twice a day, sometimes three times a day, sometimes more to get back to my quantum flow and to remember again of who I was and what I was capable of.

So even though I was devastated on an ego level, it opened up a whole new world of possibilities. And I finally slowed down enough to relaunch my business from a place of heart to relax and feel safe in the present moment and to be more connected to my creative work and service than I’d ever been before.

And despite the pain and suffering that was happening at the time, these techniques, which I’ve been sharing with you helped me immensely. To detach from my ego, my life story and my identity, and to accept and appreciate that this major change was necessary for my higher evolution. So it’s not as if your channel is clear once and for all, and you will never experience pain, suffering or confusion again, and there’s no blame or shame in this.

We all get side blinded from time to time. Were any of us expecting a global pandemic? It’s not like any of us plan to deal to any of these shocks changes or crises, and nor do any of us deal to it perfectly or smoothly. And with Grace Day in and day out, the miracle of this was that I was able to move through it, embrace the pain.

And evolve in ways that were peaceful sublime and at times hilarious. And when I temporarily forgot who I was and I was in deep pain, I had to reach out to those people who I knew could help remind me of my quantum love and my magnificent self with quantum connection. So I rang my husband one day and seriously, I meant it at the time.

I was in so much distress. And I said, I was going to swim off the shore of Woolongong, where I was hanging out for the weekend and I wasn’t coming back. And there was a beat and he responded with, well, that’s not going to fix your legs, which unstuck me from my suffering. Cause I had to think about it.

And then I was pissed off because I wanted to stay in my suffering. And of course I started laughing. I met my match and my husband. ’cause he never lets me take myself too seriously. And nor should he, as Oscar Wilde once said, life is far too important to be taken seriously. And we’ve all been there. At least most of the people I know have when the energy of the emotion, the pain, the suffering is so dense.

We think nothing can help. We feel like we simply can’t get. And I have been there many, many times, and I work with clients all the time who have been there many times as well. The amazing thing is it is possible for us to shift our consciousness and a matter of moments for ourself and for others. And we can play a role in reminding people of who they are when they get lost in the pain, in these moments.

These crucial heartfelt connections and conversations at depth change lives and can save lives. And when you show up for yourself and others at depth, and from that place of deep love from your metaphysical heart, you are a channel of quantum love, light and connection. But if there is anger or frustration or pain or confusion blocking our channel, we can’t flow anything.

Now, does this mean we walk around and denial or delusion and not acknowledge our pain, suffering and feelings? No, no one, no. We must acknowledge our humanness and we must acknowledge our emotions to be free of. What we learned to do is self regulate with the power of connecting to the quantum universe and quantum self.

We learn to detach from the emotions to cultivate an awareness of them, to unhook from them. And then they can become a very powerful company compass to help us navigate, and then it can become quite light and funny at times this week. And I became empowered at a deeper level through this time of great pain and change.

And what I know is that these tools and techniques, which can be learned easily and it can be fun and fast, and it’s fascinating, work for thousands and can work for you.

And when we learn to allow these emotions to come up, no matter how great the pain or the confusion, and we let them surface without judgment or attachment with practice, we get better and better at it. We get quicker and quicker at it. We are even able to do it with that laughter and levity. And I’m not saying it’s easy.

It can be in some days it is. And some days it isn’t, but it is simple. It takes practice. It’s a process, a very powerful and transformative process. And this isn’t about denying or repressing or suppressing our feelings or not being aware and acknowledging how things make us feel. It’s about learning as loving leaders and coaches and friends and family members in times of crisis to help ourselves and others in times of great need to let go of whatever the emotional or mental attachment or blockage to access quantum love and light.

And there is no perfection or completion in this practice. And I was reminded again, a couple of years ago, going through a few major losses at the same time I lost my mother. I lost my running addiction. I lost attachments to other things that I thought I could not live without. And what I learned is that when I’m willing to let go of a little more attachment and pain or anger or frustration and judgment, Against myself or others every day, I get better at showing up in my own life and the lives of others in a much fuller way to communicate with a more loving presence and a deeper power and a greater love.

And I appreciate day-to-day anger and judgment or righteousness within us. Bubbles. When people do or say certain things and it could be a big catalog or backlog from the past or things that just come up day to day, like some fuckwit cutting you off in traffic. And trust me, I can be the Dalai Lama at 6:00 AM in the morning, and then one person cuts me off and woo.

There’s my spiritual practice at the window. But here’s something to remember when it comes to keeping our channel clear and how it affects. At a conscious and unconscious level, our unconscious mind does not distinguish between what we say or feel about ourselves or others at an unconscious level. It makes no difference whether you’re hating against the driver hate and against Trump hate and against someone who did something to you many years ago or hate and against yourself.

You are the one that has contaminated by the anger or resentment or judgment at depth. That doesn’t mean that the anger isn’t warranted. It doesn’t mean that you aren’t right. But what it means is that if you continue to hold onto these feelings against other people or yourself, it will clog your channel and prevent you from accessing that quantum power of loving.

Now, when I came to really see and accept that hard hitting home truth. Ooh, that changed my perspective on things.
So as I said, this is not about being violently delusional about how people or situations make you feel. You must honor that and feel that and let yourself have it and then be willing to let it go. And that can be a tough pill to swallow. The amazing news is the reassuring news as the miracle is that the quantum field, the universal source of unconditional love and light and infinite energy or collective consciousness, source, energy, whatever you want to call it is that place that resides within you.

Which transcends duality pain, trauma. It can transmute any hurt, any judgment injury process of control, anger, fear, pain, or crisis. It has that metaphysical heart within you from which you can love unconditionally, no matter what people said or didn’t say. No matter what they do or didn’t do, whether you can run five kilometers or not, or whether there’s toilet paper at the supermarket, or everyone’s hoarded it a little Sydney side, a reference for the people out there going through.

COVID-19 no matter what, you can keep your channel clear to flow, to access and experience on limited love and light. Heart-mind connection and coherence to tap into that flow and focus and freedom and fun. Any moment of any day, there’s no rush and there’s no final finish line. So there’s no inpatients required.

It’s a practice and it asks everything of us. Everything. And it has the K2, our freedom, whatever the source of your unconditional love and light, it doesn’t matter. It only matters that you trust was certainty that it’s possible and available to you at all times. So me, for example, when it comes to the point of my devotion and unconditional love and light quantum.

That’s what I run with for my husband. It’s Mickey mouse. And that’s an entire other episode. We’ll come back to that. And his addiction to theme parks for others, it’s Christ or a 12 step program or Buddha. I’m a Taoist at heart. I am devoted to the universal source of energy, love and light, which created the planet stars, black holes, magma this earth and the big bang, the ever expanding universe, quantum energy, which created the miracle of this world.

And when you fully accept and embrace the miracle of our existence on this planet, all my goddess go and watch. One of Brian Cox has documentaries. I mean, okay. I’m a little obsessed with the guy, but I’m saying that it is a miraculous and equally random set of biochemical combinations and circumstances that made it possible for us to walk on this planet.

As the Chinese philosopher once said, it’s not walking on water, that’s a miracle. It’s walking on earth. That is this expanding universe is infinite and unlimited. Astrophysicist, for example, they can’t even measure. They can’t even measure past 15 billion, light years of galaxies, 15 billion. How much more evidence do we need?

The quantum energy and light is endless, and that is what you and I have access to. So quantum connection works for me and it’s worked for thousands of the people I’ve worked with. And the source of this healing and transformation and energy has worked miracles for me and the people I’ve worked with again and again and again.

So that covers part a and the importance of keeping our channel. Claire let’s move on to part B, which is all about appreciating who you are and other people. Now about 25 years ago when I was studying in Japan, I got deep into samurai and Zen philosophy as you do. And one of the ancient Eastern warrior principles is saying yes to it all.

And by that they meant saying yes to everything, embracing everything that comes into your experience, appreciating it all. The dark, the light, the difficult and the easy, although I’m not sure in feudal, Japan as a samurai, anything would have been easy, but anyway, the warrior mindset is to embrace and appreciate all of it.

You don’t have to get there overnight. Sometimes letting go with love is easy, and sometimes it’s not. And none of us need to transition from trauma to appreciation and one smooth swift movement. It’s a process and a practice and we take it one step and one day at a time when you do learn to embrace everything you’ve experienced to bless and release and embrace and appreciate and let go of the past and anything, and anyone that is hurting.

You move through a portal of quantum healing and transmutation. This is not revolutionary and it’s no mystery. The most ancient traditions and practices have taught the importance of appreciation for millennia appreciation as a transformative lever to unlimited healing abundance. And the meditations I’ll share with you on activating appreciation, which I’ve based on some of the beautiful teaching of Baba rom dos, Taoist, meditations, and more modern practices from quantum university, they will help you to heal, transform and manifest with quantum focus on your heart, your heart, mind connection, your metaphysical, heart, to attract and allow and receive all that you desire in this unit.

Now as we approach the end of this podcast series, let’s summarize these three golden keys to the power of quantum connection and how connecting from your heart, your metaphysical heart, your quantum heart can help change and save lives. So to make it a little bit easy to remember, I’ve dropped these into three buckets.

I’ll starting with a, the first day is awareness. Remembering who you really are and keeping that into your awareness, holding that in your awareness. The second aim is for acceptance being certain and trusting that you are already all you need to be as you refine your process of evolution. And the third day is for appreciating who you are own it.

Own it and then offer it up and do the same for those around you. When we learn to stay aware, to accept and appreciate who we are and who others are, we empower ourselves and others to live and lead with love, even in times of crisis, even through trauma. And even when we’re dealing to a major pending.

We move through a portal of unlimited possibilities to create and hold space for us and others to do the same. So with that, I hope you choose to continue this journey through the looking glass with me, Alice, your host, as we explore and expand into even greater quantum possibilities through time and space until then enjoy your evening.

Embrace it and appreciate it. You are on the right path. You are doing it right. You are in the right place at the right time and everything that’s happened is happening. And that will happen easy. Essential to your magnificent evolution plays. Remember who you are, a quantum creator, capable and worthy of being who you choose to.

At any point in time on any given day with the power to access, quantum love, light and energy to lead and live with love at all times. And until then from my heart to yours, enjoy your mad and wild adventures on this path and keep it real. I’ll connect with you next time. Take care of. Go and live and lead with much love and light.

2. The Power of Quantum Connection Part 2

2. The Power of Quantum Connection Part 2

The power of quantum connection and how connecting with heart through times of crisis can change and save lives. In this episode I will be introducing you to the concept of quantum connection.

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In part one, I introduced you to the concept of quantum connection and the first key of accessing the power of quantum light and energy, which has remembering who you really are, an infinite and unlimited. Like all beings and matter in this universe, which originated from the quantum field. And when we align ourselves to this quantum energy love and light, we move through a portal of endless possibilities in every area of our life.

So here in part two, I’d like to go a little deeper into quantum theory and share my second key of leveraging the power of quantum energy, which really comes down to being certain of your infinite and unlimited nature. And I’ll explain why from a quantum mechanics perspective, it’s essential to be certain of your ability to leverage and focus this quantum energy.

To realize your greatest potential or whatever it is you want to feel, do think and be, but first, a bit more background on this quantum theory business, because I feel it’s important to share a few evidence points. I know that I needed to hear this in order to truly be convinced that this was going to be the focus of my life.

And this is what empowered me and encouraged me to use this with clients all over the world and to see thousands of people heal and transform their lives for the power of quantum intervention. So quantum mechanics describes how the universe works at a subatomic level. That is a level smaller than atoms.

It is also known as quantum physics or quantum theory. And a quantum of energy is a specific amount of energy. Quantum mechanics describes how that energy moves and interacts at a subatomic level. Everything in the universe is made up of quantum matter. Just like that Moby song. You remember that one, we are all made of stars.

We all roll, fly or walk in line with consistent and reliable laws of quantum physics, which govern our entire universe. Now much of that we can see and much of that we can’t see, but that doesn’t make it any less true. So we’re now traveling into the wild and wonderful world of quantum where consistent and universal laws are invisible, but still very real quantum waves and particles are invisible to the naked eye, but it doesn’t make them any less real than the laws of gravity or the speed of light.

And in fact, all of these laws come from the same school of thinking, but because they’re invisible inaction, this is where people can get a little uncomfortable and they want hard, tangible evidence. They want to see it to believe it, which is why I’m a big fan of people like rockstar, astrophysicists, Brian calls.

Who I will come back too late later, because he’s literally a rockstar. I mean, he played keyboards in a UK band with this very rocking number one, hint, before he studied astrophysics and worked with heavy hitters like Stephen Hawkins. I mean, the guy is a quantum dude extraordinary, and we went to see him live and he explained that quantum theory is widely accepted amongst astrophysics.
What they don’t understand is why people choose to stay on their limited path of focus when infinite options are available to them. By focusing on the multitude of quantum light variables, the bottom line is if Brian Cox backs, quantum theory, sign me up. You feel me, energy flows, where your focus goes.

And where we place our focus expands energetically through the power of our awareness and intent. Why is this important? Because whatever you choose to focus on, you will draw more components to create more of that chosen emotional or mental experience that you’re focusing on into your energetic field.

You can focus on anxiety or anger frustration, and that will bring more components into your condition to continue on that path of emotional focus, or you can choose gratitude, appreciation, and abundance, and draw far more of that into your experience. Now, the reason I bring up people like Brian Cox. Is to evidence that this is not woo positive thinking along with astrophysicists, neuro and medical scientists have validated that when we focus our heart-mind connection and communication, we can change on your logical, physiological, and emotional state.

So what is known as our heartburn? The power that we have through focusing on our heart, which was a principle validated in psychology back in the late 1880s. When you focus on your heart brain coherence and the messages that your heart is sending your brain in a very targeted way, you can establish brain and heart coherence to establish harmony balance.

And happiness and attract more of that mental and emotional wellbeing into your life. Every single day, you can reset yourself on a regular basis, neurologically, emotionally and physically to think, feel, and be in an uplifted, grateful, peaceful, or whatever your optimal state is despite what’s happening around you.

That’s the power of quantum connection and heart-mind coherence, you can consciously and deliberately change how you think and feel frequently through the power of your focus. This doesn’t mean we become robots and we are affected by other people and things. It means we can actively choose how we want to feel more of the time.

No matter what circumstances you find yourself. Even COVID-19 when you reset yourself emotionally, mentally, and physiologically each and every day, you admit electromagnetic signals that change and transform your life in any way imaginable. This heart-brain focus is something that ancient healers and masters have known for millennia.

Now it’s the focus of scientists, experts and modern day mist. And who doesn’t want to be a modern day mystic as an esoteric aside. And then we’ll come back to the nature of the universe because I’m well aware that the quantum matter gets a bit dense, sometimes pun unavoidable, but more on black holes.

Later. My journey in mysticism started way back when I was doing my bachelor’s degree at university in case. I was studying classical philosophy and metaphysics. I was wired for the stuff from day one. And I remember my friend saying to me, what on earth are you going to do with that degree, Alice? And for many years, it was abundantly clear that metaphysics did not translate into any immediate commercial value.

What skills do you have Ms. Crawley? Well, I can take you through the Socratic method and say shoe and Lenten. Hence why I eventually went to Japan after my degree to study Japanese. And then again, went through another esoteric detour into Eastern philosophy and healing practices. Alas, back to quantum energy and electromagnetic signals.

So you and I, and all of us have a heart-brain and this heart brain sends signals to our cerebral brain, our nervous system, and affects our emotional state. If you wake up and you’re not particularly conscious about what you’re thinking or feeling, or you don’t meditate and train your brain, you are likely to find yourself repeating similar, emotional and mental habits day in and day out.

You’re feeling state may be depressed or anxious or optimistic, but if you don’t activate heart brain coherence through meditation or visualizations, all of which I’ll be sharing with you, you may find yourself slipping back into old patterns, behaviors, or painful emotions repeated. Now, I’m assuming if you’re here and listening to me on this podcast, you would probably prefer to activate quantum focus to be in your most abundant, peaceful, and pers purposeful state of being.

Remember, you will emit electromagnetic signals through your heart, mind communication, whether you’re conscious of them or not. So it’s your choice. You can actively focus with loving intent on heart-mind coherence every morning to generate greater appreciation, love, peace, and abundance, or you can wake up each day repeating the same emotional and mental patterns and attracting more of the same that brought you that in the first place.

Assuming you’re keen to tap into the power of quantum connection to lead and live with love. Even during times of crisis, then the meditation’s I will share with you will help you train your heart brain with techniques that empower you to feel harmonious, appreciative, and balanced on a daily basis, regardless of what pandemic we may be facing into as a species with that.

Back to the second key of the power of quantum connections, which is this certainty is the electromagnetic signal, which translates your thoughts into reality. I’ll say that again, because it is a very important key to leveraging quantum connection to change and save lives and change your life.
Certainty is the electromagnetic signal, which translate your thoughts into reality. So when you create a physiological, emotional, or mental state with certainty, it will become your reality. And that sounds simple enough, right? Yes. It’s a practice and practices are never perfect and it’s never done. It’s all part of our evolution.

So what gets in the way of our certainty when we know how we want to feel, but we just can’t seem to feel that way, uh, being here. Yeah, that’ll Chestnut. We are human beings and it is natural and normal to have emotional reactions or emotional baggage or histories of anxiety or depression or unfounded, fear.

Compulsion’s addictions, old patterns, beliefs, scripted roles that get in the way of feeling how we want to feel. The problem is if we hold onto those painful emotions, doubts or limiting beliefs, it prevents us from having the peace of mind, freedom and happiness that we deeply desire. It’s as simple as that.

Easy, not necessarily easy but simple in principle. Yes. And you, and I know that we have the key to our own peace of mind, freedom, happiness, and unlimited abundance in every dimension of our life. We know that, but if you and I hold on to anger, fears or frustrations, however well justified the anger. I mean, when I’m angry, they’re never wrong.

I’m always the one that’s right, right. It doesn’t matter. We know that. We know that when we are angry, we only poison ourselves. It clogs our channels and makes it difficult or even impossible to flow. Quantum love and light with any kind of focus or certainty. The empowering truth is this. The choice is yours.

You can choose to be a clear conduit to optimize your access to quantum life and life. And allow the full magnificence of who you are to shine through with clarity, certainty, and confidence and your confidence, and your certainty will come when you are clear of emotional and mental blockages, regardless of how or why you have them, it just doesn’t matter.

Whatever the source of your grief or your upset or your pain, it still blocks you. And as I say, it’s a practice it’s never perfect. And it’s never done the, please know this. When you choose to clear your channel and access your birthright to quantum power, peace and abundance with certainty and coherence, that’s certainty through quantum electromagnetic signals will translate what you feel and.
Into the reality you desire. The certainty comes from knowing that you already are all that you need to succeed. You already are all that. Remember that’s who you are by definition in this quantum universe, a magnificent creator, capable of being, doing, having, and feeling whatever you want whenever you want.

It’s not about what you need to get. We’re achieved to be what you want to be. It’s what you need to let go of with love. So what do you need to offer up to see the light of what you already are? And that’s why I’m here and why I do what I do to remind you as others have done for me, of who you really are.
And to help you cultivate that certainty that you already have all you need to be who you want to be. And whether success for you is having peace of mind, flow fun, happiness, healthy, and happy relationships. A great career, a loving family. You are enough. And I learned the hard and highly expensive way.

How do you think I found myself down a rabbit hole of $185,000 in credit card debt across two continents. I never felt like I was enough and I kept thinking that I could buy my way out of my grief and my depression and my anxiety and my low self-worth or drink or drug. My under earning and overspending fueled my self doubt and led to chronic debiting and deep despair.

Sadly much of modern marketing taps into the fear of people who don’t feel like they are enough. I hate to say it, but low self-worth sells products, and I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with buying products that make you feel good. Go for it. If it makes you happy, but there’s a place for that. And we need to be mindful.

We need to spend mindfully. And if you have a propensity, like I did in my time to want something to fill the gap. There are plenty of people out there selling you the dream or the solution to your pain and your problems. Like it’s ridiculous. Get this now don’t wait. You’re a loser. Have it delivered to your door.

And under 30 minutes, get this mixer. It will solve your loneliness. Now the truth is we don’t need the new mixer. You are inherently enough. You are more than enough. What do you need to surrender? To be aligned with your highest self it’s already in you at your core of your quantum beam in your heart.

When we let go of the anger, the self doubts, the limiting beliefs, or the reasons why we don’t have what we want or feel the way we want to feel, then you can trust with absolute certainty. That you are worthy of being a clear, loving, and divine channel to receive, allow and create a life that you love.
You can be happy, fulfilled, empowered, and free every single day, regardless of the conditions and circumstances. All you need to do is align to who you really are. And on the way to that, we also need to acknowledge and accept our human. You, and I aren’t bad for having anger or doubt or anxiety at times.

It’s part of our human experience and condition. And the more we appreciate who we are, all of it, the dark and the light, the more we convert the challenges into opportunities to bring more of what we love into our experience. It’s all part of our journey. And as I said, it’s never perfect and it’s never done.

That’s the nature of our evolution and expansion. And as we move through this portal of limitless possibilities together, we all have adjustments to make. We all have improv, imperfections, and we all have vulnerabilities and we’re all doing the best we can with what we have and what we know at any given point in time.

And still we can choose. Even within the context of complex change and uncertainty to focus with loving intent on being the best version of who we can be and tap into that certainty that you are already enough, that you already have what you need to be happy and successful and free and with the meditation.

So I’ll share with you taking you on this journey through space and time. You can let go of what blocks you from activating your abundance and happiness and success, and by appreciating yourself and how you feel at any given moment in time, knowing that you’re perfectly imperfect, like me still evolving, shifting, and letting go as we go.

My challenge to you before I sign up. Is to consider what you need to lose to be free, or what is it you need to believe to be fully happy, empowered, and free. Please listen to my free meditation’s number two and three with this podcast series. And they will help you relax about where you’re at in your journey to release.

What’s not serving you and to reset again and again, and again. And I encourage you to do this at least once a day, ideally, first thing in the morning, as you’re still waking up when you’re ebbing in and out of consciousness, which is a topic for a whole new episode for at least 20 or 30 minutes. And even if you can only do one of the shorter meditations for 10 minutes, Please do this to develop your heart brain coherence, to create and recreate your quantum emotional, mental, and physical state of being so that you can align to your highest state, your quantum being every single day.

So until next time I encourage you to enjoy. Your process of expansion and evolution and refinement. And I thank you for joining me on this episode of, through the looking glass with me, Alice, your guide. And I look forward to connecting with you again real soon until then take care and be well.


What is Quantum Connection and how is it different to the Law of Attraction?

What is Quantum Connection and how is it different to the Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction has had plenty of airtime over the past couple of decades. Authors and speakers such as Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra and Abraham Hicks have helped bring the principles of Law of Attraction into everyday conversation.

The Law of Attraction principles, which are extremely powerful in practice, remind us to choose our thoughts carefully as ‘energy flows where focus goes’ and highlights  the importance of tuning into what we focus on as this will determine our reality.  No argument there. Quantum Connection embraces these principles – and goes much deeper – making it very worthy of your attention and focus.

What is Quantum Connection, and how does it differ from the Law of Attraction?

Quantum Connection is how you connect with the infinite nature of who you are at your core. It’s how you access the true unlimited essence of your being; beyond your past, judgements, fears, self-doubt, anxieties,  roles or labels. It is how you activate, with certainty, clarity and confidence, the limitless possibilities available to you through the quantum field all stemming from quantum matter, which makes up everything and everyone in this universe.

Quantum Connection is your core connection to the infinite nature of the universe. It reminds you of who you are and all that you’re capable of when you release the painful emotions, disease or limitations which have believed  define or imprison you.

Most of us, on this wild adventure of life, have learned to associate ourselves with ego-based personalities, habits, behaviours and beliefs. Yet at the centre of your being, at your energetic core, you are far more than any of these definitions, identifies or neuroses.

You and I have an innate ability to connect with all quantum energy and light in this limitless universe and tap into the limitless universe that is within you. That is the Quantum Connection.

Why is Quantum Connection important?

The laws that govern the universe also apply to me, you and all that exists in the cosmos. When you not only believe that you will succeed but know, with certainty, that what you desire is yours, in the immortal words of Rumi, “What you want, wants you”, then you emit electromagnetic signals into your energetic field, which draw that desire into your experience.

You can choose what you experience in any given moment regardless of your circumstances, status or financial situation. You have the freedom to choose who you want to be, and you have the power to reset yourself emotionally, mentally and neurologically, to create and recreate how you feel and how your respond to life during change, crises and pandemics, again and again. That’s the Power of Quantum Connection.

Am I talking about being delusional? No, definitely not. This is about keeping it real. Very real. In the highest metaphysical sense possible. I’m talking about tapping into your quantum self, your highest self, to elevate your state of being and emotions through the power of your focus and intent.

Quantum Connection techniques are inspired by meditations and visualisations used by ancient healers, masters and monks from around the world. What these ancient teachers have used to transform their psyche for millennia has now been proven effective by modern mystics and scientists.

Medical researchers at top universities are measuring how we emit electromagnetic signals from our hearts, and our minds influence our physical reality. We can heal our bodies and minds with the power of our focus and intent. There are scientific evidence points for this which can no longer be ignored.

Quantum Connection is owning your core connection to the universal quantum source of energy and activating it. Consciously and deliberately activating your quantum power, through your heart-mind connection, focus and intent, to create the experiences you want in your life, change your reality and influence yourself to be exactly who you want to be.

Does this mean that we meditate for a few days suddenly have zero neuroses? Not exactly. I prefer a more  loving and self-accepting approach. Our neuroses can be an endearing part of our personalities, some of our quirks and eccentricities are part of who we are, they may be part of the fabric of our being that we don’t want to lose.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting certain  routines which keep us feeling comfortable in uncertain times. If it’s not destructive, hurting anyone or holding you back, go ahead, be OCD about keeping your house clean. , no problem. What you e don’t want are patterns, addictions or behaviours blocking you from being, feeling and having what you know is possible for you , or worse, eroding your self-esteem, physical, emotional or financial wellbeing, like the deep rabbit hole I fell down before I found my way home.

Quantum Connection allows us to leverage the most powerful energy source in our solar systems – the energetic imprint of universal energy, which resides within our being to empower us to expand into a more loving, grateful and at peaceful existence every single day.

It can help you refine your process of evolution or catapult you from financial devastation to financial freedom, as it did for me, or allow you to experience new levels of flow, fulfilment and freedom. That’s the power of Quantum Connection.

Law of Attraction focuses on how to apply universal laws to manifest what you desire and to create a life that you love, and that’s very powerful and desirable. Quantum Connection is tapping into the endlessly rewarding reminder that you are already all that you need to be to have, do and be what you want. 

Quantum Connection is remembering who you really are so that you can awaken to the alignment of infinite possibilities to you on any given day. It allows you to let go with love and line up with the magnificent, abundant and peaceful truth that you really can be who you want to be and feel how you want to feel by deliberately  shifting your consciousness with powerful techniques to connecting and activate deep appreciation for the full quantum power, love and light, which permeates you and your energetic field.

Quantum Connection allows you to align to your best self by relaxing about where you are, releasing your blocks, limitations and beliefs and  allowing you to easily and effortlessly reset every day to the true and infinite you, the quantum you. This relaxing, releasing and resetting is surprisingly simple, and it is fascinating, fun and fulfilling.

You have all you need to succeed. You’ve done the work. You’re ready to be all that you choose to be. You don’t need to ‘get’ anything else to be happy, successful or free. It’s about what you need to lose. Let go, with love, of the limitations, the doubts and the fears in a way that’s relaxing,  rejuvenating, reliable and repeatable

What our ancient healers, masters and monks have known for millennia has now been evidenced by neuroscience. There’s no need to waste oxygen on the debate of whether it’s possible or not to change our reality. The data points exist to prove it.

And thanks to the wonders of 21st-century technology and science, these techniques are easy to access and practice. It’s merely a matter of know-how to activate your inherent unlimited abundance and appreciation to create the experiences, life and state of being that you desire.

You don’t need a Masters in metaphysics. And you don’t need to overpay for a ‘Masterclass’ to be who you want to be. All you need is an open mind and heart, and a willingness let go of whatever has prevented you from tapping into the quantum possibilities available to you. A sense of curiosity and adventure helps too – trusting that you can access the infinite you, the Quantum you.

I’d love to be your guide through the portal of unlimited possibilities. Are you ready to start on an adventure through time and space? Let’s get started, shall we?

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