Empowered Leadership

Empowered Leadership Coaching

Are you ready to up level as a leader? Is it time to step up or even transform your career and finances?

Empowerment coaching is focused on connecting youwith your infinite possibilities through recognising your true value. When you understand and value your self-worth, you can easily demonstrate it to others too. 

In my Empowered Leadership Coaching sessions, you’ll develop your skills and abilities and get a top-of-town toolkit to level up your confidence in communication, negotiating and presenting, so you do so with influence and impact.

We’ll create a tailored plan to help you discover your true self-worth, and leverage your skills, experience and abilities to earn your worth.

At the end of your coaching sessions, you’ll be:


  • Tapped into the power of a limitless sense of self-worth
  • Ready to communicate with impact and confidence
  • Confident in negotiating or discussing money matters with loved ones
  • Excited to pitch your idea or ask for a raise or a more senior position at work
  • Primed to present to any size audience with power and passion

“My work with Alice was truly transformative. The experience was gentle, yet expansive and illuminating. My treatment gave me a fresh perspective on my emotions and allowed me to release fear in a way I could never have anticipated. I gained so much clarity in my first session that I absolutely can’t recommend this deeply powerful work enough!”

Jess Bancroft

Director, Hilariously Healthy

Ready to earn your true worth? 

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