I’ve had the privilege of working with executives and leaders around the world on transformation programs. Our common ground across all continents, languages and cultures is our emotional life experience. This is what drives us. Our fears, doubts and patterns of behaviour are more common than we’d like to admit sometimes.

We are all humans. We all experience loss, fear and doubt.

But we can become emotionally agile and leverage our emotions for momentum to success, rather than see them as a limitation. We can use our difficulties as a bouncing off point for even greater expansion and success.

As a professional Executive Coach, I love partnering with business leaders to:

  • Clear the blocks that prevent their success
  • Leverage challenges and emotions for momentum and opportunity
  • Align their minds so they feel in-flow, focused and fulfilled personally and professionally.

Aligned Transformation Coaching 

What is aligned transformation?

One of the keys to transforming anything, on a personal level or on a broader scale is to be aligned in what you want. And to invite success through your behaviour.

The power of aligning to what we want at depth is that we can achieve success more easily and effortlessly because the blueprint for our behaviours lies beneath the surface.

Aligned Transformation Coaching focuses on helping you align to your deepest values and highest beliefs and capabilities to achieve your intentions with flow, focus and confidence.

What an idea. A crazy, mad, wonderful idea.”  
Alice Kingsleigh, Alice in Wonderland.

Activate your highest level of leadership capability for success in all areas. Get in touch with Alice to book an alignment transformation workshop today.

Culture Transformation Workshops

Do you want to create lasting change in your team or organisation through aligned transformation? 

Being an aligned leader or individual means that you are aligned personally and professionally with your values, intentions and vision.

The power of aligned teams and leaders is that everyone is synced for success. As a collective, you can realise your shared results and outcomes with greater efficiency, flow, focus and, yes, even fun.

Working toward organisational change is a long-term challenge in any industry. Affecting change at a cultural level is atmospheric change; it influences everything and everyone around it. When you change the atmosphere, it shifts the attitudes and actions of everyone within that environment.  

An atmosphere of high appreciation, high trust and high respect creates a space where everyone wants to show up and be and give their best. That benefits the organisation and everyone in it. It makes for a connected and abundant ecosystem of connection, purpose and sense of meaning. 

With the right leadership, direction and coaching, you can boost engagement, resilience and productivity and create long-lasting positivity in your workplace.

How good does that sound?  


Lead a game-changing culture transformation and experience the power of aligned leadership.

Executive Culture Transformation Coaching can work at an individual or a team level. Client results include:

  • Vastly improved confidence in facing present and future challenges
  • Feeling empowered, aligned and equipped for change
  • Having the confidence to have the conversations that influence change
  • A strong, connected and engaged team who are positive and motivated.

‘Alice has a natural ability to connect with people. She makes you feel heard, understood, cared for and cherished. Her warm, compassionate nature is infused into everything she does and stands for. Because Alice shared stories from her own experience, I felt safe to reveal my history and in turn receive her wisdom.’ Geraldine

Empowered leaders motivate and inspire others. Contact Alice if you want to transform the culture in your organisation.


Abundance Mindset Coaching

How to align to abundance and transform your life

When we sync to our highest possible success, we tap into the power of energetics and the universe starts doing the heavy lifting for you. You will feel a relaxed alignment, a flow and an excitement about your life that will leave you in awe.

People often come to me initially because they want to make more money. Easy. We can do that.

But abundance goes way deeper than money. This is your gateway to financial freedom and endless possibilities in every area of your life. When we activate our deepest sense of self-worth, abundance flows to us in all dimensions; financially, emotionally and physically. You transform one area of your life and the rest follows.  

Abundance mindset coaching will help you be inspired to take action and realise your aspirations, all of them. We’ll work together to identify what really makes you tick, so that you can align to your values, set your vision, clear your blocks and move forward with commitment, clarity and confidence.

At the end of our coaching sessions, you’ll be:

    • Clear on what you want and have the confidence to go for it
    • Connected to your inner compass and able to navigate your path and emotions with ease and flow
    • Consistently translating aspirations into inspired actions to actualise your success  
    • A present and confident leader who engages and communicates with meaning, impact and power.

‘I really enjoyed working with Alice. Aside from the great changes in my finances and in my life overall, I felt that Alice really understood where I was coming from. She didn’t judge me or make me feel like I needed to ‘do better’. She works with you where you’re at, and from sharing her own story, I know that she really does understand. She managed to deal with some big issues all with kindness and a good laugh when that was required. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Alice to anyone who’s struggling with their money and feels that all the usual budget advice is just not working for them.’  Phillipa

Ready to clear your mind blocks and access abundance in every aspect of your life?  Contact Alice for abundance mindset coaching today.