Omedeto Gozaimasu! Happy New Year, in Japanese

I worked in Japan, back in the 90’s, and I had the honour and privilege of studying with many Eastern masters in martial arts, like Aikido, The Spirit of the Samurai and learning from Zen, Buddhist and Taoist monks.

It was in Japan that I first learned about ‘aquarium-therapy’. Check out my video here to meet the newest members of my family, my LED lit jellyfish!

Did you know that watching jellyfish swim creates a similar bio-chemical reaction in our body to doing meditation?

Clinical studies showed that watching jellyfish, or any fish swim, reduces stress, anxiety, muscle tension, it lowers our heart rate and it induces deep feelings of calm.

This form of enforced meditation is so popular in Japan, you can pay money to stay overnight in the aquariums to watch the fish swim.

Watching fish swim or any animal in nature is one of the oldest forms of inducing a natural, therapeutic state of trance.

When we go into a state of trance, or a hypnotic state, we by-pass the critical faculty and are able to access our unconscious mind, where inner stillness and serenity lies.

I’m not suggesting watching jellyfish is the answer to our challenges as we face into another year of uncertainty and complex change.

What I am suggesting, is that this is a fun, simple and easy practice to help you cultivate calm and connection with that quiet and safe space within your being.

Next time you’re feeling frazzled or frustrated, maybe pull up a video of some jellyfish, or any fish, or go to the park and watch the birds, it will alter your emotional, mental and physical state for the better.

If cultivating calm and connection with yourself for greater self-acceptance, stamina and success is important to you, please stay tuned for more Eastern inspired tools at:     

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