Quantum Mindset Mentoring and Leadership Coaching

Whether you are a corporate leader, an entrepreneur or a high school student, when it comes to making real and lasting change and progress in your life, you need more than a one-off workshop or personal development program. You need accountability – someone who will be there to encourage you, equip you, mentor you, steady you and challenge you to keep moving forward.

On all of our paths and adventures in growth, transformation and success, we need a running mate, someone to cheer us on, to help us leverage the lessons to stay focussed on you, and the future you.  Elite athletes know it. Top sporting teams know it. Successful leaders know it.

As a certified master coach and trainer, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner, hypnotherapist and transformation specialist, I help people release barriers, unhook from unhelpful patterns and behaviours and tap into their Quantum self to activate deep and lasting change.

My work is founded on the Power of Quantum Connection™, the art and science of applying quantum focus and heart-mind connection to access your unlimited potential, possibilities and prosperity

The Quantum Transformation toolkits which I share with you are integrated practices, from the most ancient to the most modern, which are being measured by medical science. We have evidence and we know these tools and techniques of the 21st century work. They are simple, fun and very powerful. Take a look at what my clients say

When you leverage The Power of Quantum Connection™ you’ll be able to shift behaviours and feel more confidence to be a person who:

  • feels aligned at depth for greater flow, focus and accelerated success
  • can release mental and emotional blocks and limiting beliefs
  • can reset daily to surf the waves of 21st century change and uncertainty
  • knows how to focus on new pathways of possibilities and prosperity
  • engages with impact and influence through stronger connection to self and others

If you want to find freedom in your finances, career and relationships or reset yourself for greater focus, flow and fulfilment, let’s chat today on communications@alicecrawley.com

What’s it like having Alice Crawley as your mentor?

This is what Tarnia had to say…

“Alice is the real deal. She is one of those people you meet and feel better for just having been in their company. She is highly intuitive, empathetic, creative, genuine and has razor-sharp wit; all of which makes her a unique, effective and inspiring coach. She brings an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience, and you very quickly know when you work with her that you’re in extremely good hands.

Working with Alice has given me the clarity and confidence in making a career change that I’d agonised over for years. My professional relationships have significantly improved, my life has profoundly changed; whereas previously fear and doubt were a feature in my life, now, I can happily say that I’m very excited about where I am and my future, and attribute these shifts largely to Alice’s guidance and support. Simply put, coaching with Alice has changed my life, and I’m eternally grateful to her.”

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