Over a meal, on more than one occasion, I remember my mother saying, “There are three things you never discuss, Darling; politics, religion and money.” This was emphasised further by my father’s empathic and passionate nodding. My parents had this belief instilled in them, and it was then instilled in me. There was no harm intended; their beliefs were a product of their upbringings, as were mine. 

For over 30 years, I had a conscious, but more impactfully a subconscious, money script hard-wired from day one. There were many I took on, but the first was you don’t talk about money. I left my home country, Canada, 20 years ago for a lifestyle change and, in part, to also ‘flee’ my financial chaos. Upon reflection, it was easy to see how I’d developed so many unhealthy and ultimately dysfunctional habits around money. 

It took a hard rock bottom and facing financial hardship to wake up to the fact that my financial confusion was robbing me of my personal freedom and well-being. It was a devastating reality check very late in the game. I can’t begin to explain the shame that came with being in $185,000 in credit card debt across two continents and being a professional who works in finance. It was a secret I was convinced I’d take to the grave. But it got to the point where I couldn’t afford not to talk to someone.

As it turns out, unthinkably good things can happen late in the game.

I met my match at Ryan’s Bar in Sydney through a friend. He was a very tall man, an actuary and as I learned after a few more wines, addicted to theme parks and musical theatre. I was intrigued. Despite my slurred messiness that night, having been drinking since noon, this man, now my husband, saw something in me. There was a risk-averse actuary, and I had ‘high risk’ written all over me, yet he knew there was something more. After six months of dating, we agreed that we wanted to take things to the next stage.

The anxiety of my crippling debt and overspending, along with a suite of other destructive habits was no longer going to be easy to hide. Given his healthy habits around money and finances, he insisted that we talk upfront about where we were financially, and I was terrified. I thought for sure he’d leave. On some level, I hoped he’d bail me out. He did neither. 

He stood in his integrity and truth and insisted that if we were going to make it as a couple, I would need to get my act together, with the deepest of love and sincerity. He made it crystal clear that he wasn’t prepared to rescue me financially; I had to save myself. 

I was forced to start looking down the barrel of the money I owed, talk to him openly and honestly about what was happening with me financially. It woke me up out of my fiscal haze and inspired me to turn my money ship around. I could finally see that looking after myself financially, was one of the most critical ways I could look after myself – and that no-one was going to bail me out but me. His reflection back to me of the power of honesty, self-worth and integrity inspired me to start a new chapter. The Madhatter’s Tea Party was over, and it was time to clean up – on all fronts.

Once I made that clear and conscious decision to turn my life around it was incredible what started to happen. I discovered the power of connecting with my ‘Quantum Self’ by committing to seeing and believing what was possible for me without limitations. I started to see me as Marty saw me, beyond the debt, the shame, the addictions and a troubled past. 

I learned everything I could about personal transformation and embarked on a remarkable journey of healing myself at depth and accepting my true worth. As my self-worth increased, so did my net worth. 

I doubled my income in two months and tripled in a year. I paid down my debt in under 4½ years. I launched a business and a career supporting others in what I call ‘Quantum Transformation’ to overcome seemingly impossible obstacles, hardship and devastation. I re-built my life, career and relationships to create a life which I fell in love with, along with the actuary.   

If you are facing financial hardship or if you’re crippled by the debt you’ve accumulated and the shame that comes with it, know you’re not alone. Also, know that there is a way out.

In my upcoming webinar, the ‘7 Quantum Keys from financial hardship to financial freedom’  https://www.alicecrawley.com/financial-hardship-to-financial-freedom/, I share more about the steps I took to create the quantum shifts I so desperately needed to clear myself of life-long patterns and behaviours and step into the full expression of who I knew I was born to be; 

To help you, here are three of those Quantum Keys.

1. Be sure of your success

Certainty is the electromagnetic key which translates your thoughts and desires into physical reality – I’ve seen this proven again and again in myself and my clients. We have the power to change our physical realm in unprecedented time through the power of our focused intention. 

In 2020, this notion of focusing on what you want to manifest your reality can no longer be dismissed as ‘woo-woo’. Leading-edge neuroscientists and medical researchers at top universities are measuring how powerful the focus of our thoughts and emotions are when it comes to healing and transforming our physical state. 

This quantum truth is leveraged by top athletes, high-income earners and the most successful people across the globe to achieve their goals. When you tap into what you want with absolute certainty that you will succeed, with no conscious or unconscious resistance, the reality you desire is yours. That is a scientific data point which can no longer be ignored. Learn more about this in my introductory Podcast series, “Through the Looking Glass“. 

2. Forgive yourself for whatever you have or haven’t done with your finances until now

You’ve done the best you can with what you knew at every point in your journey. If you’ve had issues managing your money – it’s not a moral issue – it’s about learned behaviours, beliefs and patterns – we’ve all had scripts hard-wired in us. It comes with our design. 

We can learn to re-write our scripts and re-wire our brain when it comes to money or anything else in our life. There was a lot of negative and limiting conscious and subconscious stories that I needed to clear and reset before I started earning more and spending less. No matter how far down the rabbit hole you have fallen, there is a way out. 

Once I was able to release the shame about my past and patterns, I let go of the blocks that were preventing me from aligning to and allowing greater abundance in my life. By forgiving yourself for whatever has happened up until now you will set yourself  free. If you need support to clear your blocks at depth, refer to my Quantum Connection guided meditations


3. Make a clear and conscious decision about what you want your financial reality to be

I love this quote from the mystical poet, Rumi, ‘What you want, wants you’. I call it The Power of Quantum Connection – this is how you leverage the universal, consistent and predictable laws of quantum mechanics and metaphysics to change your life and finances in any way you desire.

When you commit and make a clear and conscious decision to focus on what you want,with clarity and conviction, it is one of the most powerful activators in the universe. If you want to learn more about the power of quantum focus and how it will change your fiscal reality – again, check out my Podcast and also my Quantum Connection guided meditations

You choose who you want to be, what you want to have and what you do with the power of your focused and loving intent. I hope this helps you travel through the portal of your infinite possibilities through The Power of Quantum Connection™.

With quantum love and light,