'On the way to wonderland'

Alice’s journey from financially f*cked to freedom

As Lewis Carroll wrote in Alice in Wonderland: “Very few things indeed were really impossible.”   My trip down my own deep rabbit hole began some years ago and in 2004 I finally hit hard against the bottom of it – emotionally, mentally, physically and financially.

Having suffered from anxiety and anorexia and multiple suicide attempts, I found myself in the grips of hard addiction and serious debt – owing more than $180,000 on my credit cards.

Like Carroll’s rabbit, I knew my time was ticking, and I wasn’t where I wanted to be. As I started navigating my own metaphorical Wonderland, I had a moment of courage and reached out to a friend.

Part caterpillar, part Cheshire cat she showed up when she was needed, and asked the questions I so desperately needed to answer.

She helped me find my quantum power and reminded me of who I really am – an unlimited quantum being capable of doing, being or having anything that I want.  I realised that no matter how far down the rabbit hole you go, there is always a way back.

“With every page I fell further down the rabbit hole with Alice and arrived in the light, breathless and wanting more. Told with blistering honesty and a self-deprecating humour, Alice’s deeply personal story left me in awe of the complexities of life and the necessity for honesty and love.” 

Heather Mitchell, Actress, Author and Mentor 

“A must read for those people needing assurance that there is life after addiction, and a valuable insight to those around them who want to help but don’t understand how to.” 

Mark Montgomery, Producer of The Man Who Knew Infinity and Hotel Mumbai 

“I was ‘addicted’ to every chapter in this book. A powerful reflective piece that delivers hope, opportunity and belief to anyone navigating addiction or trauma. Truly an incredible journey made even more magical that Alice is even here to tell it!” 

Luke Cook, Founder and Host of Cuppa.tv

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