The power of quantum connection and how connecting with heart through times of crisis can change and save lives. In this episode I will be introducing you to the concept of quantum connection.

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Hello, and welcome to this introductory podcast series through the looking glass with me, Alice, your host, and here in episode one, I will be talking about. Oh, yes, I’m Canadian born. That’s the immediate giveaway. I will be sharing with you about the power of quantum connection and how connecting with heart through times of crisis can change and save lives.

So why? Listen to me. Well, being Alice, I fell down a deep, deep rabbit hole a few times. In fact, and while there were many fun, funny and fascinating turns of events during the mad Hatter’s tea party, that was my life for so many years. I also hit a few hard rock bottoms. After all Alice did have to fall down a deep, deep hole to get to wonder.

And I had to eventually find a way back home and it almost cost me my life. I had to come back from my financial chaos, confusion and desperation to who I really was. And it was the power of quantum connection that saved my life. And that has led me to my life’s work as a quantum transformation leader, speaker, master, coach, and author.

And now the work I do is with quantum interventions, which is a custom blend of methods drawn from my decades of experience and training in esoteric practices. Neuro-linguistic programming, hypnosis and therapy, both ancient and modern. And I do this because it lights me up and seeing people like you, and so many others access the power of quantum interventions to accelerate transformation.

Well, it’s fast, it’s fun. And it’s fascinating. And I know this from my personal experience and the experiences that I’ve seen with thousands around the world. I have seen my clients heal and transform trauma. Learned to deal to addictions loss, phobias, anxiety, depression, and financial hardship, and use these techniques to access abundance, happiness, peace, and joy.

And that is why I am very excited to share this podcast series with you so that you too can experience the fun flow and freedom that comes with quantum connect. So as I guide you through the looking glass, which you may consider a metaphysical portal through time and space, it isn’t only philosophical in nature.

I will share with you the proven powerful and leading edge tools and techniques used by the best healing and transformation coaches, therapists, and practitioners around the globe with principles and theories backed by astrophysicists, such as rockstar Brian Cox, but plenty more on rockstar astrophysicists and quantum mechanics later.

First, I want you to be sure that this show is for you. If you are a healthcare practitioner, a therapist, a trainer, a business leader, a coach, a parent, or a teacher, which has got to be the fastest expanding profession. As we move through this time of COVID-19 or simply someone who is interested in how you accelerate your ability to activate abundance, success and fulfillment in your life.

Despite challenging times that we’re facing into in 2020. Then this series is for you. So first off, we’ll unpack the concept of quantum connection, what it is, why we need it more than ever, how it can help you to access unlimited personal power, possibility, and potential. And the power of quantum connection is already in you.

It’s in me, it’s in all of us and all we need to access this unlimited power is the ability to activate. In the year 2020, we can now discuss the power of applying quantum healing with confidence as leading neuroscientists and astrophysicists support the foundational principles of quantum physics. We don’t need to waste oxygen talking about whether or not it’s true.

Leading medical scientists and researchers are refining the process of using quantum focus and how we can use it to heal our minds, bodies and lives. So the world’s top athletes, executives, coaches, and high income earners are applying the art and science of quantum theory to achieve extraordinary results every single day.

If you’re up for accessing the power of your heart brain and being to transform and influence any change you want to see in you and your life, then you’re going to love this series. And if you’re on the fence as to whether or not you accept that you have the power to be who you choose to be, if you would rather argue the case for all the reasons why you can’t do be, or have what you want, this may not be.

And there’s no right or wrong or judgment in not be at peace with whatever you believe, but if you want results, you are in the right place. The truth is quantum connection is at the very core of who you are, who you really are beyond the duality of good and bad, dark and light. Past fear, doubt, or any limited belief or pattern even debt.

And I’ve got something I can share with you quite a bit of experience in debt, my friends, but we’ll deal to that later at your core, you are a quantum being capable of doing, being, and having whatever you want and you can choose to be the highest quantum version of yourself every single day. No matter what, even during a pandemic, even through crisis, especially through crisis, you can access an empowered and enlightened state of being to show up for yourself and others with love, light and levity.

That’s the power of quantum connection. You see you and I have access to this infinite source of quantum love, light and energy. It empowers us and millions of others to shift from being at the effect of circumstances, challenges, and emotions to being who you choose to be and not can be happy, light and free every single.

Now I’m not talking about being violently delusional or deepened denial or blocking our eyes and ears from what surrounds us, particularly when the world is moving through this unprecedented challenge during the coronavirus, I’m talking about consciously and deliberately choosing love over fear again and again, and again, to convert challenges into opportunities.

To actively raise our frequency and the frequency of others to heal darkness, trauma, and difficulty into opportunity after opportunity to step into the light and add value with love and courage. Quantum connection helps you to be who you want to be and to draw into your energy field and experience.

Anything you want. And that’s the proven quantum physics of it. If you’d like to join me. And I would love to take you on this metaphysical journey with very real practical and empowering results to introduce you to the power of quantum interventions, which saved my life and has done so for thousands of others, then play, stay with me.

So why is the need for these quantum connections more important than ever? Well, we are dealing to a 21st century emotional and mental health crisis here in Australia and 2020, the leading cause of death between the ages of 15 and 44 is suicide. Emotional and mental health is a critical priority for you.

Me, our loved ones, our teams, our businesses, our clients. If we are to heal individually and as a collective, as a planet, we need something far beyond our finite human resources. Even before COVID-19 we found ourselves facing into. Overwhelming change complexity, digital addiction, disruption, and expectations to be on call and online twenty four seven.

Then within that context, we were hit with the coronavirus, shocking most of us into a completely new reality within this chaos acknowledging stories of heartbreaking loss and disaster. We have a choice. You can choose to focus on the opportunity to show up and lead with love in a bigger way, where you can focus on the fear and be consumed by the anxiety created in this time of crisis to come together, to save not only ourselves and our loved ones, but entire communities and organizations means we need to change.

It means that if we want to step up to the plate to lead with love and courage, to shift to a new level of consciousness, we need to let go of old ideas of being better or worse than others, releasing anger and resentments and releasing the patterns and beliefs that have held us back for so long. To stop arguing for our limitations and our fears, and to start owning the truth of who we are and accessing the power of our highest and most loving state of being COVID-19 has reminded us all of our frailty and this virus doesn’t describe.

It doesn’t care about your financial standing or your status or your education or your ethnic background or your beliefs, or even whether or not you support Trump, but let’s not go there. In this episode. We are all equal here, equally vulnerable, equally human and equally powerful. If we know how to collaborate with care and compassion and higher consciousness, this is a one and a hundred year operative.

To lead with love in a more elevated way, from a more evolved mindset with heartfelt connection at depth, make no mistake is asking everything of us, everything. And while most of what’s happening around us is out of our control. The fact remains what we can control. Which is how we show up and how we respond emotionally and mentally in times of crisis is all that we need in this time of great need.

When we learn to show up in the fullness of our being with light and love at heartfelt connection, we can transform ourselves and others, one quantum connection or conversation at a time. So what is quantum connection? Let me explain what happened to me. It was quantum connection that saved my life back in 2004, I fell down a deep, deep rabbit hole.

I had flood Canada and I’d hoped my financial chaos. I found myself one morning, very hung over and completely broken on cookie beach here in Sydney, Australia, I was facing down the barrel of $185,000 in credit card. Self-medicating heavily with lethal doses of drug and alcohol to try and keep the madness.

And the anxiety at bay creditors were chasing me across two continents day and night. And I was told my only options were bank Pepsi and rehab. There was nowhere left to run. I had exhausted my options. I felt desperate, alone and completely helpless. I took a quantum leap and I reached out in a moment of desperation because my life depended on it.

My friend Rianne showed up and she saw in me more than I could see. She peeled past the layers of my addiction past the layer of death. Beyond the shame and way beyond my pain to the core of who I really was. And she reminded me in that moment that I was a powerful quantum being worthy and capable of doing, having, and being anything that I wanted.

She connected with me in that moment with such focused and power and presence. It changed my life forever. She said, Alice, I see you. You are more than this. You have to choose to be more. You have to believe at depth that you are more, and then you will call it in. She connected with me at a heart level or quantum level from her place of unlimited power and connected me. After that moment, everything changed. It was so powerful that I doubled my income in two months and I tripled it in a year because once you’ve seen a glimpse of what’s possible, there is no going back. And when you tap into an experience like that, you don’t walk away from the conversation unchanged.

After that moment, I knew my life’s work was to help other people connect with their quantum power. If that moment triggered powerful transformation in me, I knew it was possible for anyone. I paid down my dad in less than five years and I accelerated my success and abundance in ways that I did not even know were possible, even more important.

I let go of all that was preventing me from being the person who I knew I was born to be you and I have access to that universal quantum energy source. And when you learn to focus it with loving power and intent, it will change your life in ways that are truly miraculous. A miracle has been described by spiritual teachers over the years, as a shift in perspective.

Quantum connection allows you to create miracles by accessing the unlimited source of love and light within you. You will have people around you like I do every day, all the time questioning how is it possible that you can be so energized and empowered and optimistic, even in the face of great adversity and uncertainty at scale?

What do I do? I tap into the quantum truth of who I am, who you are at the core of our being every single day. What scientists at top universities have now validated about how we can emit electromagnetic signals from our hearts and minds to change our physical reality is what ancient, spiritual inhaling masters have known for millennia.

We can draw miracles into our reality through quantum focus, to change and transform our relationships, career abundance, and wellbeing, with the power of our emotional and mental focus. We can relax, release and reset again and again and again, to create a life that you love, even in troubling times. To lead and speak and act from a place of love and loving service for the freedom, peace, and abundance, you desire and that you desire for those around you.

So hopefully that set the scene. And if you’re keen to continue on this journey through the looking glass with me, Alice, your host, I would be honored and delighted if you chose to join, join me on the next leg of this event. In part two of the series I’d like to share with you a golden key to accessing the power of quantum light and energy and how it can change your reality, emotional state and energetic field with loving intent and peaceful purpose.

Before we sign off, I encourage you to listen to the first of my three-part meditation series, which is free with this podcast to continue on your journey of being your highest and quantum. To access all of the goodness available to you through infinite love, light and energy, one moment, and one quantum connection at a time until then from my heart to yours.