Negotiating Your Future Guide; How to Transform Your Life by Asking for What You Want (eBook)

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This six-week guide to how I (Alice) tripled my salary.

In 2004, Alice Crawley’s life was out of control – she had almost $200,000 in credit card debt, a job where she was underpaid and undervalued and was on the roller coaster of recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

Yet in just 12 months she rehabilitated her health and self-worth and negotiated a 100 percent increase in her salary, and in only five years she paid off all her debt.

In this practical guide, Alice shares how she transformed her life by changing her mindset, self-belief and learning the art of negotiation.

Over six hands-on chapters, she establishes the foundations of successful negotiation and communication and guides you through a range of realistic exercises, insights and practices to help you find your purpose, power and presence and give voice to your value.

Through her heart-felt experience, strength and wisdom, Alice shares how we can reclaim our self-worth, confidence and back ourselves to negotiate powerful and lasting change to transform our finances and lives.

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