On the way to Wonderland Paperback

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On the way to Wonderland

Alice’s journey from financially f*cked to freedom

As Lewis Carroll wrote in Alice in Wonderland: “Very few things indeed were really impossible.”   My trip down my own deep rabbit hole began some years ago and in 2004 I finally hit hard against the bottom of it – emotionally, mentally, physically and financially.

Having suffered from anxiety, anorexia, ADHD and multiple overdoses, I found myself in the grips of hard addiction and serious debt – owing more than $180,000 on my credit cards.

Like Carroll’s rabbit, I knew my time was ticking, and I wasn’t where I wanted to be. As I started navigating my own metaphorical Wonderland, I had a moment of courage and reached out to a friend.

Part caterpillar, part Cheshire cat she showed up when she was needed, and asked the questions I so desperately needed to answer.

She helped me find my quantum power and reminded me of who I really am – an unlimited quantum being capable of doing, being or having anything that I want.  I realised that no matter how far down the rabbit hole you go, there is always a path to freedom.


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1 review for On the way to Wonderland Paperback

  1. Anne

    Thank you for sharing your story Alice. I couldn’t put your book down the minute I started reading. What a journey, you are a true inspiration.

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