Professional Speaker
& Storyteller

Executive Coaching

I offer 4 Executive Coaching programs, as well as custom presentations and workshops.

1.  Aligned Transformation Coaching and Workshops

2. Cultural Transformation Coaching and Workshops


My accelerate abundance coaching is all about releasing self-limiting fears and doubts, to reach greater goals and success. 

3. Abundance Mindset Coaching

4. Abundance Mindset Workshops

Empowered executives work harder! Visit Executive Coaching to dig deep into how I can transform your workplace.

Trance-Formation Sessions

Trance work is a deep, powerful yet relaxing process that allows you to bypass your conscious blocks or resistance and access the power of your deeper capabilities and consciousness. It holds vast possibilities for you and your life. When I share with you how to unlock the power of your deepest self through trance work, you will feel unstoppable, in every area of your life.

I work with clients in short and longer-term trance-formation sessions.


Aligning to Unlimited Abundance – Trance-Formation program

My Aligning to Unlimited Abundance Trance-Formation Program is my signature course. An in-depth, customisable 5-module workshop with supporting video, audio and workbooks. 

You will walk away changed and empowered.

“Curiouser and curiouser” – Alice Kingsleigh, Alice in Wonderland.


1:1 Accelerated Abundance Sessions

Do you prefer a more intimate, one-on-one abundance experience? Then my premium, face-to-face personal trance-formations sessions are for you.

You can’t beat these results.  

Aligned Leadership Coaching

I guide executives to learn their worth and earn their worth through my Aligned Leadership Coaching guides.

Aligned leaders are beacons of success and empowerment when they know how to inspire and activate the best in people.

Want to fuel those qualities in your workplace?  Contact me today to book your next workshop.

Professional Speaker and Storyteller

I am a professional keynote speaker and storyteller. My workshops and presentations on topics such as Abundance Mindset, Aligned Transformation, Aligned Leadership are fascinating, fulfilling and fun and deliver personal and professional benefits.

Visit my Speaking page to find out how I can inspire and empower your audience.