Need a speaker for your next event?

If you want to create an event with impact, you need a speaker who taps into your audience with meaning and leaves them with a message that gets them talking – a message that can change their lives.

As a keynote speaker, I aim to motivate your audience by showing them how to navigate the crises and complexities of the 21st century to find a path to greater connection, clarity and confidence in their lives.

My specialty is helping people connect at depth and align to their unlimited self for a life of expanding potential, possibilities and prosperity, delivering insights from Eastern masters blended with leading edge examples of what neuroscience now knows about how to heal and transform our lives.

I speak with authenticity because I tell my own story of transformation, sharing how I catapulted myself from the depths of crippling debt and drug addiction to a life of happiness and corporate success.

My goal is to leave your audience feeling empowered, uplifted and inspired to create a new reality.

I can create bespoke presentations, or I can speak to one of three special topics:

  • On the Way to Wonderland – the story of my journey from emotional and financial ruin to personal and fiscal freedom, which has inspired thousands to transform their self-worth, finances and lives.
  • The Power of Quantum ConnectionTM – how we can unlock unlimited potential, possibilities and prosperity with the power of our hearts and minds. 
  • Own the Future You – Drawing on my own experience, I unpack the Quantum tools and techniques that create greater connection, courage and confidence to counter the anxieties and addictions of the 21st century.

Think I might be the speaker you’re been looking for?

Watch my showreel below and download my speaking profile to get all of the information you need to start organising and marketing your event. Also be sure to check out the about page, for more background and some interesting facts that can make for an intriguing introduction.

 “Alice has a reputation as an exceptional transformation coach, leader and speaker with reason; working with her is transformative. I feel inspired, uplifted and lighter after one of Alice’s presentations or workshops and countless others have experienced the same. Make no mistake, working with her will change you, change how you see the world and bring you the results you’ve been working towards…and the best part is you’ll have lots fun and laughter achieving them!”   

– Alexis Hill

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