The Quantum Mastery Immersive

I would like to invite you on a personally guided tour with me, Alice, your Quantum Tour Guide, through the fabric of time and space, to unlock your unlimited potential and possibilities with The Power of Quantum Connection™

Just like Alice in Wonderland, I’ve been down a deep, deep rabbit hole with my very own Madhatter’s Tea Party. While I met some amazing characters through the under lands, they soon became shadow lands when I hit an emotional, spiritual and financial rock bottom having been devastated by debilitating self-doubt, addictions and credit card debt.

I had the remarkable opportunity to wake up to who I really was at a quantum level; beyond the limitations of my mind, my past, old beliefs and behaviours.  I trained with Eastern masters in Japan and India and modern masters in the West in leading edge transformation techniques to learn how we align to universal source energy and our infinite selves for life changing results. Today, I live a free life, filled with abundance, choice and opportunity.

If you believe it’s time to align to your highest potential, possibilities and prosperity, then join me on a unique and deeply transformative Quantum journey.

I’m here to help you access your unlimited Quantum Self through the most ancient and modern practices from the East and the West, to cultivate greater self-acceptance, stamina and success through the Power of Quantum Connection™.

I will share my Quantum Transformation Toolkit with the principles, practices and deep wisdom from the exceptional experts who helped me on my journey from financial hardship, crippling anxiety and addictions, to living an extraordinary and expansive life which I love.  

The Quantum Mastery Immersive offers you the opportunity to transform, refine and align to a life of freedom, flow and unlimited potential as we travel through a Quantum Wonderland to explore what’s possible for you at a cosmic level. 


Your Quantum Mastery Immersive empowers you to create a life that you choose, while evolving yourself, your relationships and your reality in any way you desire.

I have created an 8-week system of Quantum Principles, Playbooks and Practices, inspired by the best ancient and leading-edge transformation tools on the planet.

These Quantum techniques are a blend of my training in the East with ancient eastern masters, in Aikido, Taoism and Zen Buddhism, integrated with modern modalities from the West, including, hypnosis, deep trance and neuro-linguistic programming.

I will share the exact practices that helped catapult me out of that deep rabbit hole of emotional and financial despair, to a life of freedom, flow and fulfilment. They can and will do the same for you, if you choose.

Join me on an epic journey, through the fabric of time and space, to cultivate clarity, confidence and connection, at depth, and bring your intentions into reality through your unlimited Quantum Self.

What Will I Learn?

Through your 8-week Quantum Mastery Immersive, will learn how to:  

  • Apply The Power of Quantum Connection ™ to access unlimited potential and possibilities
  • Clear limiting beliefs, behaviours, emotions or patterns to bring your intentions into reality
  • Align, at depth, to change, transform or refine your life, more easily and effortlessly
  • Deepen your gratitude and confidence to draw more of what you want into your experience
  • Practice ‘deep curiosity’ to evolve and expand your life and relationships
  • Cultivate compassion for yourself and others, for self-acceptance, stamina and success
  • Celebrate yourself and your journey each day for a more balance, harmony and flow
  • Access Quantum Source for freedom from addictions and anxieties of the 21st century

The Quantum Mastery Immersive

Program Outline

  • Your Quantum Mastery Immersive will include:
  • 8 x Quantum Mastery Principles and Playbooks – 30-60 min presentations
  • 8 x Quantum Mastery Practices  
  • A Quantum Mastery Workbook/Journal
  • Exclusive access to my online Quantum Transformation Toolkit
  • Access to The Quantum Connection Community Facebook Group