As we approach the end of the year here in Australia, we’re facing into the notorious ‘silly season’ where the pace picks up, family and social demands are high and people are getting ready to wind down and wind up another year before the summer holiday. While I love connecting with friends and family, enjoying sublime ocean swims along with the quintessential Chrissie Aussie retro barbie complete with 1970’s prawn cocktail salad (shout out to Marty’s Mom), it’s a hectic and emotionally heightened time of year. We rush to wrap things up at work or with business and everyone wants to squeeze in a visit, a lunch, a meeting before the clock ticks over before we embark on a new calendar year full of promise, potential and possibilities. One of the best life tools I picked up when I had to put the overspending, drugs and other addictions, on the road to recovery, was the power of surrender.

Surrender, in times stress and chaos, is not a popular option in these accelerated digitally distracted times. A practice of surrendering to whatever is unfolding, versus controlling or resisting the pace of life, is not easy. It’s simple, but not easy. It’s a practice. When I get stressed, I often want to feel more in control of things instead of letting go more. The startling reality, although ultimately liberating, is that very little is within our control. What we can control and focus on is our life force. We can choose what we focus on and where we direct our energy and time.

Being selective, discerning and disciplined about how and what we focus on moment to moment is one of the keys to living a life in flow and unlocking our potential to expand into a limitless life. We are all connected by life force, universal energy, cosmic consciousness, quantum energy and matter, or any other name or reference which humans have named the energy which has created our universe. We are spinning around on this big strange rock in a cosmos so expansive that even our highly evolved technology and tools can measure the scope of an estimated 15 billion galaxies. That’s a lot of galaxies. I’m on board with tapping into any energy source which created our world of worlds. 

Given the incomprehensible vastness of our universe, let’s anchor back to some ancient home truths, which have helped humans glide through this experience of life. Letting go of egoic control and flowing with source energy is foundational to many ancient and spiritual practices. I was delighted to learn that many Australians identify as Jedi Knight; may the force be with you. George Lucas was a visionary. The Force, Cosmos, The Tao, The Way, Spirit, Ki or Chi, call it whatever you want, the same principles apply; everything and everyone in our known universe is interconnected and governed by the same quantum laws and matter. We are all made up of the same sub atomical particles in our known universe. That’s a trip. My Aikido sensei said once, “The moment that you push against the universe, you have already lost.” He was down with the force. It took me decades to master a discipline of tapping into universal energy. It’s still a daily practice, everyone morning, no matter what, one of my non negotiables is quieting my mind and cultivating heart and coherence, to really feel and connect at depth to the Power of Quantum Connection ™ to recreate myself, my life and my experiences again and again through our collective core of ancient wisdom which lies deep within all of us. 

When I hit an emotional, spiritual and financial rock bottom, I went back to my ancient Eastern practices in desperation. 

When I hit the wall, I had forgotten who I really was. I had to dig deep and draw on the inspiration of my Eastern masters and the modern mystics who are studying the power of these ancient techniques through neuro and medical scientists. 

These practices integrate the oldest and leading-edge mediations and visualisations used by the top athletes, earners and executives. These relaxing, empowering and powerful practices allow you to cultivate heart mind coherence for greater brain coherence for you to access that transformation state of flow in life where what you want to feel and experience in life seems to come more easily and effortlessly. 

Doing these Quantum meditations at least once a day can help you transcend the noisy, loud and disruptive antics of the mind and release unhealthy emotional and mental patterns to find your flow and you walk the divine line between loving intention and surrender. These are my 3 R’s to let go and find more flow through times of change, confusion or uncertainty.

1. Relax:

Relax about where you’re at, no matter what. Easier said than done, I know, it’s simply a practice. Relax, honour and accept where you are at, even if you’re not loving life. Practices are never perfect and never done. We simply come back to them each day to reset again and again and again. I anchor to this first step as frequently as possible to remind myself that no matter what is happening or what I want to change, improve, release, transform or, I am more and flow and freer when I relax about wherever I am at on my journey, right here and right now. Forgive yourself. Whatever you’ve done or not done, you have done the best you can with what you knew and the resources you had at the time. When I feel down that deep, deep rabbit hole I would relentlessly beat myself up for how f***ed felt. I had to change that, quickly, to shift the trajectory of my life path. Even at the lowest of ebbs, we are all worthy of love, compassion and forgiveness. The more I accept where I’m at, the more empowered I feel to take that next step towards where I want my evolution to take me. We always have a choice about what to focus. Here’s something to focus on – relax, you’re doing great! 

2. Release:

Find healthy ways to express and channel emotions, instead of suppressing or repressing them, which can be toxic and harmful. I met an Oncologist about six years ago who ran a cancer reversal clinic in Thailand who estimated that 95% of chronic illness was related to stress and suppressed toxic emotions. Don’t let it bottle up. There are lots of ways to release unwelcome or difficult emotions; walking, journaling, dancing, crying, singing, speaking to a professional, chatting with a trusted friend, painting or pottery, creative pursuits are great to get into the flow as they bypass our critical faculty. Find ways to express emotions in a safe, healthy and functional way. This can be done daily, ideally, in the morning, in the evening or whenever you can carve out time to reset your mind, body and spirit. 

3. Reset: 

What Toaist and Buddhist monks have known for millennia is now being measured by neuro and medical science. There are simple meditation and visualisation tools available to help us reset every day, emotionally, mentally and physically. When you do this daily, your life, perspective and relationships will transform. Resetting every morning with these blended techniques helps to clear the backlog of detrimental or unhelpful beliefs, behaviours, emotions, patterns and thought patterns so that you can start each day with a clean slate. Studies from Stanford have done neuroimaging on the cognitive overload impact of sitting at a computer all day or juggling too many tasks, multi-tasking impairs our cognitive functioning. Full stop. Our brain chemistry changes when we have as little as a five-minute reset with our eyes closed focused on our inner state of peace, being and flow.