Manifestation Mentoring Sessions

Are you ready to get off struggle street? Do you want to clear your abundance blocks once and for all?

If you’re struggling to get, have or become what you want in life, it means on some level, your mind is blocking you.

The good news is, it’s you. The bad news is, it’s you.

That’s where I come in.

My trance-formation sessions will align you at depth so that everything snaps into place. Confidence, happiness and success will start flowing easily and effortlessly.

Deep trance work is powerful. It enables you to align at all levels so that you attract what you want with ease and fun. That’swhat I call accessing the powers of the universe. Buckle up. You’re in for a magical ride.

If you follow the modern-day mystics and leading-edge minds in astrophysics, you would know that you can bend energy with your mind. Like a Jedi Knight.

I’m not making this up.

Our minds drive all our decisions and behaviours. Some drivers are conscious but many are unconscious or subconscious; ultimately, they all stem from your core – your seat of self-belief. Our self-worth is reflected in the worth around us; our relationships, careers, family roles. If you like what you see, feel and experience each day, that’s awesome. If not, let’s talk.

Transformation can occur in hours. Minutes. Even seconds.

That’s why when we talk about an abundance mindset, it’s not about money. It runs much deeper than that. It’s about knowingthat your inherent value is unlimited. What you believe about yourself is reflected in the life that surrounds you.

It’s one thing to set goals with our conscious mind and go after them. But to make real change in our lives, we need our unconscious and subconscious being onboard too.

We must be aligned at all levels, for the channel to snap into place, so that we’re ready to receive the endless universal resources on offer to us. Our cup must be empty for us to receive.

Are you with me on this?

1:1 Manifestation Sessions

My Manifestation mentoring sessions are my signature blend of trance, hypnotherapy healing and quantum coaching practices.

They focus on confidence to support alignment between your conscious and unconscious minds to attract what you want in your life with more freedom, flow and fun.

When we unblock our channels to abundance, when we align at depth, then our alignment snaps into place and what we want flows to us more effortlessly in all areas of our life.

We can quickly release deep emotions and limited beliefs that have held us back for decades – in a matter of minutes. I’ve seen it in thousands of my clients and colleagues across the globe.

The moment you line up with your deepest self and values and clear the old stories that have been holding you back, you start accessing success with ease and eagerness.

Your confidence and self-worth rocket. You feel reborn every morning. You know how to access unlimited abundance and attract and influence anything into your existence. Life becomes delicious, delightful, expansive, free and fun. And funny. Fun and funny.

How can that not be a winning combination on any given day, right?

In my manifestation sessions, you will:

  • Learn how to release negative emotions and addictive or destructive patterns
  • Transform your mindset and behaviours
  • Sync up for success and abundance in any or all areas of your life
  • Find yourself happier and in-flow more frequently
  • Create a compelling vision that you love and a life that is deeply happy

You’ll become a master manifestor, grateful for all that you have in your life. You’ll relish everything you want and accept the clarity that comes when you encounter what you don’t want.

Life becomes an adventure and you’ll look back and wonder why you ever took it so seriously, even when you’ve been deep down the rabbit hole.  

My manifestation techniques are completely safe. They’re a powerful tool to help tap into the unlimited power of our unconscious mind.

You’re in well-practiced and confident hands. My qualifications are:

  • Certified counsellor and hypnotherapist
  • Master coach and trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Practitioner in several ancient healing modalities from Hawaiian and Eastern traditions
  • Practitioner in Quantum Healing and Quantum Mechanics
  • Bachelor in Classical Metaphysics; this last one is more of a sidebar than a game-changer but it does make for some bad-ass philosophical coffee talk.

In our sessions, you’ll learn how to mould energy with your mind like a Jedi. Ok, I’m being a bit facetious, but not really. You will learn how to play with the universe and its energy.

You will know how to quickly and frequently tap into your unlimited internal energy source of creativity, wealth and wisdom, and have tools at your fingertips to create a fresh reality every morning.

You will have the mindset, skillset and toolset to let go of anything and everything that robs you of peace. To be completely healthy, wealthy, happy and free.

The manifestation journey

My premium manifestation sessions involves a 6-session commitment to trance-formation.This ensures a deep level of alignment and empowerment. 

  • 1 session – My clients consistently report transformational results after our first session
  • 3-4 sessions – You’ll find flow and feel enabled to make major shifts in all areas of your life
  • 6 sessions – You’ll be riding a magic carpet of momentum and feel like a master manifestor


During these sessions, you will be deeply relaxed. Trance is so powerful because it enables you to bypass the critical faculty of your conscious mind.

Positive suggestions can be integrated at depth, helping you align to and attract exactly what you want.

No more hit and miss. You’ll know how to play with energy and be the person that you want to be every single day of your life.

You’ll expand on what’s possible and create a wonderful life and future for yourself. Sounds like fun? It is.

At the end of your 1:1 manifestationsessions, you’ll be:


  • Free of past limiting beliefs or emotions that were blocking you
  • Clear and energised about what you want and how to get it
  • Feeling a deep sense of flow and purpose and full alignment for abundance
  • Confident with a brimming sense of self-worth
  • Empowered to take action and move forward
  • Tapped into a future that is so compelling that it transforms your self-belief and expands the boundaries of possibility for you and your amazing life

    “My work with Alice was truly transformative. The experience was gentle, yet expansive and illuminating. My treatment gave me a fresh perspective on my emotions and allowed me to release fear in a way I could never have anticipated. I gained so much clarity in my first session that I absolutely can’t recommend this deeply powerful work enough!”

    Jess Bancroft

    Director, Hilariously Healthy

    Empowerment Mindset

    Are you looking to level up your career? Or transition to a career which really lights you up? If you’re ready to sync for success, let’s talk.

    Empowerment mindset coaching will help you to step up and out in whatever way you aspire, both personally and professionally. We’ll work together to identify what really makes you tick, so that you can align to your values, set your vision, clear your blocks and move forward with commitment, clarity and confidence.

    At the end of our coaching sessions, you’ll be:

    • Clear on what you want in your career and have the confidence to go for it
    • Clear on your ‘inner compass’ and able to navigate with ease in line with your core values
    • Able to translate your aspirations into daily actions
    • A present leader who engages with meaning and communicates with impact


      ‘I came to Alice for help when I was feeling stuck in many areas of my life. I knew it was my mindset that was preventing me from moving forward. After working with Alice, I felt empowered to shine a light on some of my deep-set beliefs. I was given tools to help with this, and of course Alices support. Investing in myself boosted my confidence and shifted a lot of negativity. I came away with a more positive outlook and a determination to keep working through the blocks that were keeping me from moving towards wealth consciousness.’


      Are you ready to unlock your unconscious and align your abundance?

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